arrived Adelaide November 14, 1836.
She was the first passenger vessel to anchor in Holdfast Bay,
and carried the equipment for the first newspaper in the colony.
She made three trips to Tasmania to obtain supplies for the new settlement in Adelaide.

The Sunday before
the arrival of the BUFFALO
- she was anxiously looked for -
Mr (afterwards Sir) G S Kingston was reading the church service to a small congregationj in his reed hut. Miss Thomas (later Mrs Mantegani) was there too, when someone shouted "the BUFFALO is in sight", whereupon first one then another rushed off to the beach, till all were gone. Mr Kingston flung down his book and followed suit.

Captain Duff became an Adelaide based ship-owner engaging in the trade between Australia and the Mauritius.

  HILL, Joseph Augustus aged 16
a Printer engaged by Mr Robert Thomas (Certif. 347)
  HILL, Henry lists the following:
  THOMAS, Mary Harris (1787-1875)
  Travel diary of the voyage from England in the "Africaine"; her children’s illness on the ship;
  arrival near Adelaide; first days living in tents; continued in her letters - H630.
  The Diary and Letters of Mary Thomas (1836-1866); Being a record of the early days in South Australia
  edited by Evan Kyffin Thomas. Adelaide, W.K.Thomas.
  Miss Thomas, youngest daughter of Robert Thomas and his wife Mary, became Mrs Mantegani (photo).

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