On May 25 1836, THOMAS ALLEN 49 (born 1787) Gardener applied for his wife Sarah nee Weaver 44 (born 1791) and daughter Julia Eliza 10 (born 1828)
applied for assisted passages to South Australia. They were living at 18 Argyle Street (off Regent Street) London.
The following people at the same address and on the same day also applied:
Amelia Allen 21 (born 1814) sempstress, Charlotte Allen 20 (born 1816) sempstress, Thomas Henry Allen 17 (born 1820) artisan,
JOSEPH WILLIAM ALLEN 16 (born 1821) gardener, (on the application, the name William was struck out), Sarah Allen 15 (born 1823) sempstress.

Their eldest son Frederick William Allen 23 (born 1813) gardener (came to Adelaide as a Steward on board the BUFFALO in 1836.
(Extract, Register of Emigrant Labourers, May 25th 1836, as quoted by BW Westergaard 1978.)

The TAM O'SHANTER passenger list shows that besides Thomas Allen and his family, there was a Thomas William Allen, plus a Mr. Allen, with his wife and son.
"Allen" is a common name but we think it is unusual that so many of that name were onboard a single ship and it may be that they were all related.

Governor Hindmarsh must have entrusted the task as Botanist or Gardener to Thomas Allen in good faith, based upon references because before his departure from England. On June 20th 1836, he advanced to Allen 35 to acquire seeds and plants for the voyage.
(Lorraine Cottam, NSW, to David Jones, Adelaide University,January 29th 2001, citing a document in the Chief Secretary's office.
BW Westergaard in her notes also mentions this payment).
Source: Ian Westergaard (son of BW Westergaard), 2005
Charles William Stuart (CW Stuart) came to Adelaide in 1836 on board the TAM O'SHANTER.
He married on March 5th 1842 to Sarah Allen (aged 18 years 5 months, daughter of Thomas Allen and Sarah nee Weaver).
She also came to Adelaide in 1836 on board the TAM O'SHANTER with her parents and her siblings. Apparently Charles Stuart had courted her assiduously.
The marriage notice in the South Australian Gazette & Colonial Register of 12 March 1842 gives Thomas Allen's address as Walkerville.