Brigantine of 114 tons and built at Yarmouth
made several voyages between Launceston and Adelaide in 1838 and 1839

1838 LOWESTOFT from Launceston with Captin Sursted, arrived Adelaide April 1st 1838
1839 LOWESTOFT Launceston, arrived Pt Adelaide March 29th, 1839
1839 LOWESTOFT from Launceston, arrived Pt Adelaide July 19, 1839    PASSENGERS: David WILLIAMS, wife and child
1839 LOWESTOFT from Launceston, arrived Pt Adelaide September 3, 1839

Mr Ross from Launceston, arranged for nine horses at Coulson's, and one horse at Bryan's Bay to be loaded on board the LOWESTOFFE (owner Mr Griffiths) to be conveyed to South Australia. The vessel sailed, and when she had been absent about a day encountered considerable stress of weather. Two days after she returned to George Town (Tasmania) at which time seven horses were dead and three were landed in a melancholy condition. The damages sought to be recovered were for the seven which died and the deterioration of the three which survived.

Mr Ross (the plaintiff) sued Mr Griffiths (the defendant) to recover 800 (the value of the horses). The declaration set forth that while the horses were in the charge of Mr Griffiths, the horses sustained the damage set forth, through negligence, neglect, and bad stowage.

To ready the full details of this case, CLICK HERE:   Ross (the plaintiff) v. Griffiths (owner of the vessel LOWESTOFFE - the defendant), Supreme Court of Van Diemen's Land

1839 LOWESTOFT from Launceston, arrived Pt Adelaide October 18, 1839
1839 LOWESTOFT from Launceston with Captain James Allan, arrived Pt Adelaide Dec 25th, 1839     PASSENGERS: Miss Ann CASSILLY / CASSIDY, and Malcolm CAMPBELL,

Unfortunately Captain James Allan drowned Dec 29th, 1839 while swimming.

The LOWESTOFFE was wrecked at the Chatham Islands (south of New Zealand) about September 15th, 1847. No lives lost.