This 3 mast ship left London under the command of Captain Wellbank,
and arrived in Adelaide on February 9 1839,


There were conflicting reports published in the local newspaper regarding 'numerous' complaints from passengers.
Nine deaths had occurred, amongst which were three children of George and Ann REID - the whole of their family.

The following advertisement was placed in the South Australian Register in response to these reports:

To the Editors of the South Australian Gazette.
GENTLEMEN - a statement appearing on the Southern Australian of Wednesday the 13th instant, that great complaints were made by
the emigrant passengers per PLANTINA of their treatment during the voyage, and that nine deaths had occurred, thereby inferring that
I had not paid that attention to their health and comfort which necessarily devolved upon me as Surgeon Superintendent. I beg leave
through the medium of your highly respectable journal to submit to your readers a copy of a declaration of thanks, voluntarily given
to me previous to arriving in the colony, as the best answer afforded me of justifying my conduct.

I should not have troubled you with this letter had I not felt that being about to commence practice in this colony, it necessarily
became my duty to maintain that degree of respectability and professional confidence which might have been withheld from me
had the above statement gone uncontradicted. I have the honor to remain, Gentlemen
Your very obedient servant, J. WESTON

To Mr James Weston, Ship "PLATINA", Indian Ocean
February 1839
We the undersigned passengers on board the barque PLANTINA, bound from London to South Australia, in the year of Our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight and nine, and under the surgical care and superintendence of Mr James Weston, MD.,
feel ourselves deeply indebted to that gentleman for his unwearied attention in securing to us every comfort which lay in his power,
particularly alluding to his listless activity and unabating zeal in that period of distress when the Lord was pleased through the instrument
of the diorhoea to make such fearful havoc among our small number, unanimously consider it our duty to offer him a vote of thanks,
with our most cordial wishes and earnest prayers for his welfare during his sojourn on earth, with a more solid recompense in the world to come.
Henry Nicholls
John Yobsley Wakeham
Robert Kelly
Ann Wakeham
Elizabeth Wakeham
Henry Heard
Lucy Adams
Samuel Meadett
X of Mrs Mewett (Meadett)
X of James Critchill
X of Susan Critchill
X of Charles Dart
X of Elizabeth Dart
William Whittle
Jane Whittle
James Telfer
Jane Telfer
John Nicol
Isabella Nicol
John Andrews
Thomas Barnes
Robert Burns
X of Anne Burns
Charles Root
Charles Rouse
Jane Pollard
Maria Symond
Jesse Grant
Thomas H. Russell
Mary Russell
X of Anne Corneck
X of Ruth Jakins
George Reid
Anne Reid