from London 12 - 03 1839 with Captain Corry Rawlings and 36 passengers, arrived Port Adelaide on 29-06-1839

Adelaide, July 6th, 1839
Dear Sir,
We are anxious to take the earliest opportunity of conveying to you in the most public manner our warmest acknowledgements for your invariably kind and affectionate attention during our passage from England to this colony, in the barque SEPPINGS, under your command. The sincere anxiety which you have testified during the voyage, in promising the comfort and happiness of your passengers, has won the esteem and regard of all; and we feel it to be not only a real pleasure, but our bounden duty, to assure you thus publically, of our grateful recollections of your kind and gentlemanly conduct. Wishing you success to all you undertakings, and every blessing,

Thomas Taylor, Solicitor      Henry Elliott
Edward Rowlands            Caroline Elliott
Mary Ann Rowlands         Emily Lester
John and Charlotte Hance       Caroline Lester
Wm Gilchrist and Sarah Lambert
Adam and James Scott Young
Henry Rothwell Pounsett
Elizabeth Herbert Pounsett