was built in 1837 in Bombay using Teak, and was sheathed in yellow metal in 1839.
The owners: Flemming, Port of registry: Glasgow.

The RAJASTHAN left London Oct 27, 1839 via The Downs with Captain Duncan Ritchie,
and arrived Port Adelaide on Febuary 6th, 1840
She had a full poop with spacious and elegant cabins, and her lofty 'twixt decks were fitted up principally for the accommodation of intermediate passengers.

about some of the
RAJASTHAN passengers

plus letters from George Richards
and James Trangmar
(Emigrants on the JAVA 1840)


Just over two weeks after the ship's arrival, the South Australian REGISTER of 22 February 1840, reported: "a sumptuous entertainment to Captain Ritchie" was attended by passengers from the 1838 and 1840 voyages.

THE RAJASTHAN - Last night a number of the most respectable passengers lately arrived by the Rajasthan, gave a sumptuous entertainment to Captain Ritchie in return for the kindness experienced by them from him during their voyage from London to Adelaide. They were also joined by a numerous party of the passengers by the same ship who arrived in the colony on her last voyage twelve months ago, anxious to pay their tribute of respect to the worthy captain, and to welcome him again to these shores. It is worthy of remark that the Rajasthan cleared out from this port twelve months ago, proceeded to Batavia, and took in a cargo for London, where she was detained about three months clearing out and taking in passengers and cargo for Adelaide, and she sails hence again in two or three days, having cleared out in an incredibly short space of time for so large a vessel. The dinner was given at Wheland's new hotel, the Tasmanian. Mr Wheland deserves the highest praise for the excellence of the viands and wines, and for the neat manner in which the dinner was served.

[The Tasmanian Hotel, on the southeastern comer of Hindley and Morphett Streets, on Town Acre 71, was opened on 6 April 1839. John Wheland held the licence from that time until 1842 and again in 184445. It later became known as the Prince Albert (1846-49 and 1852), and the Adelaide (1849-51 and 1853-1921).]

William Tragman made the following final entries in his diary:
January 5th. Made Kangaroo Island, vessel in sight, overtook
       and proved to be the "Rajasthan (sic) with emigrants from London.
      She sailed three days before us, got in abreast of the island 6 p.m.
6th. No sleep all night. Got up 3 o'clock.
      Beat the "Rajasthan", went up the gulf in fine style,
      anchored in Holdfast Bay, opposite Glenelg 1/4 before 8 a.m.
      and the "Rajasthan" 20 minutes after us along side,
      had a shower of rain just after we anchored.

The Adelaide Agent for the RAJASTHAN on this second voyage was John Morphett who had arrived at Kangaroo Island on the ship CYGNET in 1836. He later became a very well-known land-owner and politician and was knighted on February 16, 1870.

On 29 February 1840, twenty-three days after arriving at Holdfast Bay,
the RAJASTHAN sailed for Port Phillip with part of her original cargo and some passengers.
Source: The RAJASTHAN 1838 and 1839-1840 by Helen Scarborough