406 tons ship, left Altona with 213 German Lutheran emigrants on 3 July 1841.
When it arrived at Port Adelaide on 28 October 1841 with 28 families from the same area in Germany
as the Klemzig and Hahndorf settlers, it had lost fifty-two passengers
from illness during the sea journey. Few ships, no matter from which country,
were specially built to carry large numbers of passengers.
Most ships had a small number of cabins for business people or wealthy passengers.
Almost all migrants travelled between decks, in shared accommodation with rows of bunks.
Ships leaving from German ports were often as ill prepared as those from Britain.

The South Australian REGISTER - Saturday, October 30th, 1841
'The 'SKJOLD' (with Captain Claussen) arrived in the Bay
on Wednesday last with 213 German emigrants.
She left Altona, Germany on July 3rd 1841, but brings us no English news.
There were 41 deaths on board during the passage, principally among the children.
The disease was dysentery. The emigrants are all going to Klemzig, SA
under the charge of the Reverend Mr. Kavel, until they can obtain employment.'

The South Australian REGISTER - November 5th 1841
The Danish Ship 'SKJOLD' (with Captain Claussen) - 400 tons register from Altona,
with 213 German emigrants.

Cargo - 16 cases of cherry cordial, 8 ditto bitters, 6 dotto brandy and wine,
80 barrels beef, 20 ditto pork, 14 ditto flour, 36 bags peas and barley,
30 casks biscuits, 50 tongues, 6 casks containing stone bottles Geneva,
12 lb tobacco, 500 cigars, John Newman (Agent)'

BIRTHS & DEATHS - on this voyage


   FRITZSCHE, Pastor - Cabin
   HILMAUR / MILMAURS, (Mr ?) and wife - Cabin
   NERLICH Mrs/Madame - Cabin. Pastor Frizschke's future mother-in-law (see above)
   NERLICH Miss - Cabin. later married Pastor Frizschke (see above)
   SIMONS, Dr. - Cabin

   BARTSCH Johann, from Polnisch-Hammer(37)
         and his wife Johanne, nee Schneider(33)
   BARTSCH Susanne (11)
   BARTSCH Gottlieb (9)
   BARTSCH Karl Wilhelm (5)
   BARTSCH Dorothea (2)
   BAUER Georg Friedrich
   BAUER, Anna Elisabeth, nee Mersch, four children from Janny.
   BLAESING, Gottlieb (31) (husband of Anna E),
   BLAESING, Anna Elizabeth, nee Matzanke (36, died on voyage)
   BLAESING, Johann Diengott (5, died Aug. 12th at sea),
   BLAESING, Johanne Juliane (4),
   BLAESING, Johanne Luise (1½ yrs, died July 24th on voyage).
   BORMANN Gottfried, from Meseritz wife and five children.
   EGEL Gottlob (27) from Kay, wife Johanne Elisabeth, nee Edlich (28),
   EGEL Johanne Eleonore (1)
   FELSCH Edward (18),
   FELSCH Henriette (15).
   FELSCH Johann Gottlieb (54) from Klein-Dammer,
        wife Wilhelmine Konstantine nee Sperling (48)
   GERLACH Samuel from Schwiebus,
        wife Charlotte Friedericke, nee Haupt, seven children.
   GOI / GEU / GAY Ernst (23)- wife Eleonore 30 yrs
        (Eleonore died on voyage on June 9th, buried Cuxhaven),
   GOI / GEU / GAY Gottlieb
        (aged 1¼ years died June 27th, buried Hamburg)
   GOI / GEU / GAY Johanne Gottleb
        baptised May 26th,1841 at Hamburg,
   GREIGER Auguste Wilhelmine (died July 31, 1841 near island of Palma)
   GROCKE Johann Luis (28) from Zuellichau,
   GROCKE Anna Elisabeth, nee Metzanke
        (aged 36 died Sept. 21st at sea in the Australian Ocean)
   GROCKE Maria Luise died June 11th, buried Hamburg
   GROCKE Elisabeth (1).
   GROCKE Johann Gotthard Ernst (born Aug. 25th 1841,
         died Sept. 29th at sea)
   GROSSER Albert from Buchwalden, wife Rosina, nee Wogisch
   GROSSER Emilie (12)
   GROSSER Edward (10)
   GROSSER Maria Salome born Aug. 26th 1841 at sea
   GROSSMAN Ewald (32) from Zuellichau, wife Luise, nee Schmidt (30)
   GROSSMAN Wilhelmine (4)
   GROSSMAN Johann Karl (3)
   GROSSMAN Julius (9 months)
   HAMPEL Friedrich Wilhelm (44) from Tirschtiegel, died Aug. 18th at sea
   HAMPEL Dorothea Louise nee Hoffmann (Mrs)
   HAMPEL Friedrich Gustav(11)
   HAMPEL Gotthilf Emanuel(9)
   HAMPEL Rudolph Herman(8)
   HAMPEL Albertine Maria (5)
   HAMPEL Johanne Emilie (2 yrs 5 mths) died July 2, 1841, buried Altona, Hamburg
   HAUFFE Johann Gottfried from Birnbaum, Posen,
   HAUFFE wife Johanne Juliane (23) sister of the Muller brothers
        (foster daughter of Johann Peter Wallas)
   HEINZE Friedrich Wilhelm (43) from Prittisch
   HEINZE / HEINTZE, Auguste WK nee Wegener - wife of Friedrich
   HEINZE Heinrich Hugo (7 yrs 8 mths died Sept. 1st at sea)
   HEINZE, Carl Freidrich Wilhelm - son of Friedrich
   HEINZE name not recorded (child, died July 13 - 15th at sea)
   HEINZE Christian (36) from Prittisch, one child (11).
   HEINRICH / HEIRICH, Theodor from Altona, Germany
   HEINRICH, Christiane (wife of Theodor)
   HEINRICH, Theodore (son of Theodor)
   HELBIG Marie Elisabeth (22) maid with Georg Hoeppner family.
   HENSEL Carl August (25) from Meseritz.
        Later he became pastor at Blumberg.
   HENSEL, Ernestine nee Gom - died Sept. 4th at sea
        (cause - puerperal fever/in childbirth)
   HENTSCHKE Johann Christian (36) from Kutschlau (1803-1873),
        wife Appolonia 38, nee Sparmann (died Aug. 8th at sea)
   HENTSCHKE Johann Gottlieb (10) daughter of Johann
   HENTSCHKE August (8) son of Johann
   HENTSCHKE Johann Friedrich Wilhelm son of Johann
        (died Sept. 30th at sea 6 yrs 9 mths)
   HENTSCHKE Jobanne Luise - daughter of Johann
        (died June 29th, buried Hamburg 4 months)
   HENTSCHKE Martin {28) from Kutschlau (1813-1883),
        wife Anna Christine, nee Krueger (25)
   HENTSCHKE Anna Dorothea (4),
   HENTSCHKE Johanne Luise (2).
   HENTSCHKE Christian stepson of Gottfried Nitschke
   HENTSCHKE Gottlieb stepson of Gottfried Nitschke
   HERMEL Wilhelm (a carpenter) wife Mathilde nee Weinert
   HESSE Mrs Hesse was buried on September 18th (old)
   HESSE Miss Hesse died on August 1st,
   HOEPPNER / HEPPNER Johann Georg (60) from Prittag,
        wife Rosina, nee Fraelich (48)
   HOEPPNER / HEPPNER Daniel (32) from Sawade,
        wife Luise Dorothea, nee Nellenberg (28)
   HOEPPNER / HEPPNER Johann Friedrich August (5) son of Daniel
   HOEPPNER / HEPPNER Johann Friedrich (3) son of Daniel
   HOEPPNER / HEPPNER Karl Gottlob (1)- son of Daniel
        born at Hamburg, baptised May 26th 1841,
         died Sept. 22nd at sea in the Australian Ocean
   HOEPPNER / HEPPNER Christian (22) daughter of Johann
   HOEPPNER / HEPPNER Anna Rosina (13) daughter of Johann
   HOFFMANN Johanne Christine Henriette (14)
   HOFFMANN Karl Rudolph (10)
   HOFFMANN Beate (66) a widow from Prittisch.
   HOFFMANN Samuel (47) from Altbeckern, two children
   HOFFMANN Wilhelm (44) from Prittisch, his wife and four children.
   HOHENBERG / HOHNBERG Anna Elisabeth (24)
   HOHENBERG / HOHNBERG Anna Rosina (21)
   HOHENBERG / HOHNBERG Johann George (53) from Sawade,
            wife Anna Rosina, nee Irmler (50)
   HOHENBERG / HOHNBERG Johanne Dorothea (10)
   KLAR Gottried Emanual , mill owner (29); From Deutsch - Kessel.
         wife Juliane Luise nee Preuss (29) - her parents also on voyage
   KLAR Pauline (2), unbaptised. (died Oct. 12th at sea)
   KLAR Gottfried Traugott - 2 months
        (baptised May 26th, died June 25th aged , buried Hamburg)
   KLEINITZ Johann (38) from Birnbaurn,
        wife Caroline Eleonore, nee Seidel (36)
   KLEINITZ Juliane Bertha (6).
   KLEINITZ Wilhelmine Auguste (12),
   KLICHE Gottfried (41) from Sawade,
        wife Anna Elisabeth, nee Pietschke (32)
   KLINKE Johann Gottlieb, from Deutsch-Nettkow,
        wife Anna Rosina, nee Reimer - five children.
   KLICHE Jobanne Dorothea (7),
   KLICHE Auguste (5),
   KLICHE Ernestine (2 yrs - died July 6, 1841, buried Cuxhaven)
   KOWALD Anna Rosina (58) widow from Sawade
        (husband died shortly before the family left Hamburg)
   KOWALD Anna Elisabeth (26) widow of Fellenberg,
   KOWALD Friedrich (25).
   KOWALD Johann Christoph (20) a son of the widow Kowald.
        He was refused a permit to emigrate, due of military training,
        and left without a passport.
   KOWALD Anna Dorothea (18),
   KOWALD Luise (12)
   KOWALD a son.
   KRAUSE Gottfried (33) from Sawade, wife Anna Elizabeth, nee Barrien (25)
   KRAUSE Ernestine (3),
   KRAUSE Johanne Auguste (1).
   KRUGER Wilhelm (47) from Rachau, wife Anna Rosina, nee Wabersitzky (38)
   KRUGER Christian (15),
   KRUGER Ernest (15),
   KRUGER Ernstine (11),
   KRUGER Auguste (6).
   KRUGER Emilie (6),
   KUCHEL Johann Friedrich (36) from Lochow, wife Johanne Dorothea, nee Kuchel (30)
   KUCHEL Johanne Luise (15 months),
   KUCHEL Johanne Dorothea (3 months).
   LEHMANN Gottfied (42) from Sawade, wife Anna Elisabeth, nee Irmler (36)
   LEHMANN Christianne Pauline (12),
   LEHMANN Christianne Ernestine (8),
   LEHMANN Johanne Elisabeth (10),
   LEHMANN Heinrich and Friedrich Reinhold (4) twin brothers
   LEHMANN Johanne Auguste (6),
   LEHMANN Johann Gottfied (died Aug. 17th at sea 2yrs)
   LEHMANN infant also named Johanne Auguste (died Aug. 15th at sea, 3 months)
   LEOPOLD Johann Carl Friedrich (37)
        wife Johanne Louise Caroline, nee Paeller (31)
   LEOPOLD Johann Carl August (9),
   LEOPOLD Johann Carl Friedrich (9),
   LEOPOLD Wilhelm Julius (6),
   LEOPOLD Johann Friedrich (3yrs died August Sept. 3rd at sea)
   LEOPOLD Johanne Friedricke Christiane (1).
   LUX Johanne Christiane (26) from Bienwitz
        (Housekeeper of Samuel Hoffmann)
   MATTNER August (12),
   MATTNER Christian (40) from Zuellichau,
        wife Elizabeth, nee Matzauke (42)
   MATTNER Karoline (10),
   MATTNER Wilhelm (14),
   MATTNER Johanne/Johanna Luise (aged 8 died Sept. 8th at sea)
   MATTNER Ernestine Pauline (5 yrs 9 mths died Sept. 30th at sea)
   MEIER Carl G. and wife from Birnbaum, Posen
        J.F. Mueller notes in his diary that Br. Meier had to leave the ship
         at Pt. Adelaide on October 30th (two days after arriving in Adelaide,
        and rent accommodation where his wife gave birth to a son.
   MEIER Carl (2½ yrs, died July 24th at sea)
   MENZEL Daniel.
   MÜLLER Johann August (20) from Bimbaum, Posen
        (brother of Johann Ferdinand Muller)
   MÜLLER Johann Ferdinand (28) from Bimbaum, Posen,
        later teacher at Lobethal
        (brother of Johann Friedrich Muller)
   MÜLLER Johann Friedrich (22) from Birabaum, Posen
        (brother of Johann Ferdinand Muller)
   NEWMANN Christian, from Kay
        wife Anna Dorothea nee Meyer, five children.
   NICHOLAI Eva Maria (21)
   NICHOLAI Gotfried (27)
   NICHOLAI Johann Christof (53} from Prittag,
        wife Elizabeth nee Froelich,
   NICHOLAI Johann Christof (24)
   NITSCHKE Gottfried (38) from Prittag,
        wife Eva Elizabeth, nee Arlt (38)
   NITSCHKE Gottlieb (13) son of Gottfried Nitschke
   NITSCHKE Eva Elisabeth (7) daughter of Gottfried Nitschke
   NITSCHKE Karl Friedrich (5) son of Gottfried Nitschke
   NITSCHKE Friedrich Wilhelm (3) son of Gottfried
         died Oct. 17th at sea
   NITSCHKE Gottfried (1) son of Gottfried Nitschke
   NITSCHKE Georg Friedrich (37) from Janny,
        wife Anna Elisabeth, nee Feilenberg (33)
   NITSCHKE Gottlieb (9) son of Georg F.
   NITSCHKE Johanne Rosina (8) daughter of Georg F.
   NITSCHKE Anna Rosina (7) daughter of Georg F.
   NITSCHKE Jobanna Helena (5) daughter of Georg F. Nitschke
         (died Aug. 22nd 1841 at sea)
   NITSCHKE Johanna Ernestine and Johanne Luise (18 month twin daughters)
        Nitschke child died Aug.7th 1841, NITSCHKE child died July 13 - 15th,
        and another on Aug. 27th - buried at sea
   NITSCHKE Helene Nitschke - sister of Georg Nitschke
   PAECH Johann Gottfried (24 died on Sept. 9th at sea)
         joining his parents who emigrated three years earlier.
   PFEIFFER Johann Georg (25) a shepherd from Kay.
   PREUSS / PREISS Gottlob (61) from Deutsch-Kessel,
   PREUSS / PREISS Johanne Luise nee Bittroff 58,
        (mother-in-law of Gottlieb STAUDE)
   PREUSS / PREISS Johann Wilhelm (changed name to Preiss)
   PREUSS / PREISS Johanne Eleanore, nee Schulz
   PREUSS / PREISS Johann Wilhelm (16),
   PREUSS / PREISS Dorothea (6 yrs, died Oct. 26th at sea)
   REICH A young man from Karge who, according to teacher Mueller,
        paid six Reichstaler for the trip to Hamburg intending to emigrate
        to America, but finally travelled with them to Australia.
   REICH Luise (aged 50 yrs died Oct. 26th near Kangaroo Island)
   ROEHR Karl Wilhelm (32) from Tirschtiegel
   ROEHR wife Rosina Dorothea {32) died Sept. 6th at sea
   ROEHR Beate Caroline (aged 7 yrs died Sept. 8th at sea)
   ROEHR Carl Wilhelm (4 yrs died Sept. 15th near Cape of Good Hope)
   ROEHR Heinrich (aged 2 yrs died July 21st at sea)
   ROEHR Ernestine Wilhelmine (born at Hamburg,
        baptised May 26th, died aged 4mths Sept. 4th at sea)
   SCHENSCHER Dorothea Elisabeth nee Pirschel 48
        (died Oct. 6th at sea)
   SCHULTZ George August (30) from Zuellichau.
   SCHULTZ wife Eleonore, nee Kleber(32).
   SCHULTZ Johann Gottlieb (43) from Zuellichau,
        Johanne Luise, nee Fechner (48) and two children.
   SCHULTZ Johanne Pauline - baptised May 26th,1841 at Hamburg,
   SCHUMACHER ... no details given.
   SCHWARZ Johann Georg (41) from Siegersdorf,
        wife Dorothea Elisabeth, nee Hoffmann (34)
   SCHWARZ Gottlieb August Julius (9),
   SCHWARZ Carl Julius Gotthelf (7),
   SCHWARZ Maria (4),
   SCHWARZ Aanreaus / Andreas (2, died Aug. 8th at sea)
   SEELANDER Johann Gottlieb from Bluraberg,
   SEELANDER Karoline Sophie. nee Hampel (27),
   SEELANDER Friedrich August (2)   
        Johann's parents emigrated in 1838.
   SEIDEL Christian (54) from Prittag,
        wife Eva Rosina, nee Kaergel
   SEIDEL adopted daughter Anna Dorothea WOLF (23).
   SEIDEL Gottlieb (18),
   SEIDEL Helene (16)
   SEIDEL Christian (13),
   SOMMER Johan George (24) from Kay.
   STAUDE Gottlieb (36yrs widower) from Klippendorf,
        died July 12th, buried at sea
   STAUDE Johann Wilhelm (9),
   STAUDE Gottlieb (6),
   STAUDE August (3)
   STEICKE Gottfried (66, widower) from Kay
        (possibly father of Samuel who came in 1838 on the 'Zebra')
   STEICKE Johann Gottfried (40) from Kay wife Anna Rosina. nee Schreck (36)
   STEICKE Johanne Luise (10)
   STEICKE Trangost (6) - Son of J. Gottfried Steicke
   STEICKE Gottlieb (3) - Son of J. Gottfried Steicke
   STEICKE Gottfried (9 months) - Son of J. Gottfried Steicke
   STEICKE Dorothea (32) - daughter of Gottfried 66
   STEICKE Johanne Luise (28) - daughter of Gottfried 66
   STEICKE Gottlieb (27) - son of Gottfried 66
   STEICKE Wilhelm (24) - son of Gottfried 66
   STEICKE Auguste (22) - son of Gottfried 66
   THIEDEMANN Ernst Daniel (41) from Zuellichau
   THIEDEMANN Luise, nee Begen (41)
   THIEDEMANN Gottlieb (11),
   THIEDEMANN Daniel (4),
   THIEDEMANN Maria (1).
   THIELE Johann George (45) from Crummendorf,
   THIELE Anna Rosina, nee Kluge (40) wife of Johann George
   THIELE Karoline (17),
   THIELE Anna Eleonore (15),
   THIELE Johanne Luise (13).
   THOMAS, Sannel/Samuel (76) from Meseritz with two children
   THOMAS, Johann Gottlieb 47 (son of Sannel Thomas)
   THOMAS, Louise (wife of Johann Gottlieb)
   THOMAS, Je Emilie - daughter of Johann
   THOMAS, Pauline Gottliebe - daughter of Johann
   THOMAS, Ernestine Karoline - daughter of Johann
   THOMAS Amalie Christiane - daughter of Johann
   THOMAS Ernst August, Ja Eleanore nee SCHUMANN, Je Louise
   WALLAS Johann Peter (45) - foster father of Juliane HAUFFE,   
        died at sea September 9th.
   WEINERT Dienegott (born c1807 at Silesia), wife Emilie nee Brättig
   WEINERT August.
   WEINERT Traugott.
   WEINERT Johanne Ernestine (2½ yrs, died Aug. 28th near Isle of Trinidad)
   WEINERT Johann Julius born May 29, 1841 at Hamburg
   WEINERT child (died July 6th, 1841)
   WENTZEL / WENZEL Christian (43) from Harthe,
   WENTZEL / WENZEL Anna Dorothea, nee Hampel (38) wife of Christian
   WENTZEL / WENZEL Friedrich Wilhelm (9) died Sept. 3rd at sea (3 yrs ?)
   WENTZEL / WENZEL Luise (6),
   WENTZEL / WENZEL Johanne Eleonore - 5 yrs (died Sept. 26th at sea)
   WIENER Rosina Dorothea (30 yrs died Oct. 7th 1841 at sea)
   ZEIHN Ernst (25) died at sea on July 21st 1841
        (one of three brothers from Pollwitz)
   ZEIHN Gottfried (one of three brothers from Pollwitz)
   ZEIHN Karl (one of three brothers from Pollwitz)
   ZEINERT George (30) from Kay
   ZEINERT, Maria, nee Durdke (66) mother of George.
Dr. Brauer adds a note that he does not claim that this list is absolutely correct or exact in every particular
because the information available with respect of a few of the passengers was very meagre and even contradictory.

The following as obtained permits to emigrate in 1841 :-
NEWMANN: Christian, wife Anna Dorothea, nee Meyer from Kay - five children.
SOMMER: Johan George (24) from Kay.
BAUER: Georg Friedrich, wife Anna Elisabeth, nee Mersch, four children from Janny.
KLINKE: Johann Gottlieb, from Deutsch-Nettkow, wife Anna Rosina, nee Reimer - five children.
GERLACH: Samuel from Schwiebus, wife Charlotte Friedericke, nee Haupt - seven children.
Madame Nehrlich - Pastor Frizschke's future mother-in-law (cabin passenger on the same ship)

BIRTHS & DEATHS - on this voyage

DIARY 1841 SKIOLD (Part as collated by Pastor Henry Proeve from all available sources.)

On July 5th 1844 EMANUEL KLAR of Lobethal in South Australia,
wrote to his family at Prittag, near Grunberg, in Lower Silesia, Kingdom of Prussia.