The TEMPLAR 1845

   from London - Captain W.E. Brown, 109 passengers arrived Port Adelaide on 24-11-1845

    BENNY, Mrs. James
    BENNY, Thomas
    BENNY, William
    FOWLER, Mr
    GAY, Thomas and J.
    MORETON, George Francis, born 1823 in Ireland - MD, Surgeon

    OLEN, George
    OLEN, Thomas
    RANDALL, David and wife and two children
    SOUTHAM, Mrs
    STONEHOUSE, Rev George J and wife and four children
    WICKS, E and wife
    BAKER, Ellen
    BAKER, Harriett
    BROWN, Jessie
    BROWN, John
    CHINNER John, Anne nee CLARIDGE / WILLIAMS, George Williams
    DAGLISH, William
    GUNN, H
    LEONARD, Miss

    MASTERS, Charles
    MASTERS, Martha nee WILLIAMS (wife of Charles)
    MASTERS, Charles Fred. (son of Charles)
    MASTERS, William Williams (son of Charles)
    MASTERS, Martha Ann (daughter of Charles)
    MASTERS, Joseph (son of Charles)
    MASTERS, Caroline Amelia (daughter of Charles)
    MASTERS, George Edward (son of Charles)
      MANNING, Thomas 31 - Embark.No.1637
  STEERAGE PASSENGERS:    MANNING, Sarah 30 (wife of Thomas)
   BARNES, Mary Ann 45 - Embark.No.1652 (husband already in colony)    MANNING, Eliza 2 and Mary inf.
   BARNES, Eliza Olivia 13    MANNING, Sam 4
   BARNES, Benjamin 10    MAYS, John 30 - Embark.No.1635
   BARNES, Sarah Ann 4    MAYS, Ann 28 (wife of John)
   BARNES, Thomas 27 - Embark.No.1645    MAYS, Samuel 8
   BARNES,Maria 35 (wife of Thomas)    MAYS, Lucy 5
   BARNES,William 2 (son of Thomas)    MAYS, Eliza 1
   BIGNALL, Thomas 35 (widower) from Somerset, England - Embark.No.1639    MOLD, James and Eliza
   BIGNALL, John James 7    MULLEN, H
   BIGNALL, Elijah 3    NEWMAN, William 41 - Embark.No.1628
   BIGNALL, Harriett    NEWMAN, Hannah 40 (wife of William)
   BIGNALL, Jane    NEWMAN, Kezia 20
   BIGNALL, John and Mary Ann    NEWMAN, George 17 - Embark.No.1630
   BIGNALL, Richard    NEWMAN, Mary H.E. 3 - Embark.No.
   BIGNALL, William    REDDEFORD, Thomas
   BIRD, Samuel 20 - Embark.No.1649    STANLEY, Richard 27 - Embark.No.1643
   BRUNES, H    TWELVETREE, Spencer 26 - Embark.No.1636
   CHAPMAN, William 24 - Embark.No.1651    WEBB, Henry 38 - Embark.No.1640 (family not listed in SAR)
   CHINNER, Charles 42 (born 1804 Middleton Cheney, Northamptonshire) - Embark.No.1631    WEBB, Eliza 34
   CHINNER, Ann nee BAZELY (died Nov 7,1845 on voyage)    WEBB, Catherine 13
   CHINNER, Mary Ann 17 (born 1828 Northamptonshire Eng) - Embark.No.1633    WEBB, Eliza 10
   CHINNER, John 15 - Embark.No.1634    WEBB, William 8
   CHINNER, William 19 (born 1826 Banbury, Northamptonshire, England) - Embark.No.1632    WEBB, Harriett 5
   CROUCH, Charles    WEBB, Richard 2
   CROUCH, William    WEBB, John inf.
   DIXON, Joseph 19 - Embark.No.1646    WEBB, Mary Ann 15 - Embark.No.1641
   EMERY, J. and Ann    WILDE, Charles 20 - Embark.No.1650
   HOWE, Martha 20 - Embark.No.1642    WILDE, Eliza 17 - Embark.No.1644
   KING, George    WILDE, Ruth 12 - Embark.No.1647