from Bremn 27 - 06 1846 with Captain Laun, arrived Port Adelaide on 28-10-1846.

The PATEL, as it is generally called (560 tons) sailed from Bremen on its second voyage to Australia on June 27, 1846, under the same captain, Laun, who was in charge on the first voyage in 1845. It arrived at Port Adelaide on October 28, 1846, with 250 cabin and steerage passengers. Reporting this arrival, the South Australian Register stated: “On board the crowded Bremen ship there was not a single death;
but, on the contrary, the original number of souls to be added to our community was increased by five born on the passage”.

The published list of passengers accounts for approximately 214 persons (allowing 2 where “brothers” are listed).
Approximately 36 are thus unaccounted for; the lists below suggest some additions. As the identification of names poses difficulties, the undersigned will be pleased to hear from anyone who can supply information from other sources.

The sources used for identification, indicated by abbreviation, are: Ald: Aldine History of S.A.; K: records of Pastor A. Kappler; L/meil, Langmeil; LP Imm. Light Pass Immanuel N: Naturalisation Lists; St.St.: St Stephen’s, Adelaide; Tan. Alm. Tanunda Almanac 1865.

Prepared by (Rev.) H. F. W. Proeve and supplied as an extracts from the 1973 Yearbook, the report then lists, in alphabetical order, name, occupation, town of origin, and their current occupation/location at time of compilation for the respective emigrants from PATEL, together with specific details on local descendants.

This Passenger has been transcribed from the SA REGISTER Newspaper (October 1846),
and updated from research done by Eric and Rosemary Kopittke, and the Queensland Family History Society.
  BOHLMANN, Johann 33 (machinist) from Baden, Hanover - cabin
  BOHLMANN, Anna Louise nee Hartmann and child - cabin
  FAAS / FAASS, Mr Hermann Theodor (merchant) - cabin
  MEYER, Mr Christian Ludwig from Bremen (merchant) - cabin
  RICHTER, Mr (farmer) - cabin
  SCHWOMBERG / SCHWONBERG, Joachim Nicholas (ship-builder) - cabin
  SCHUMANN, Dr (surgeon) - cabin
  WEICHMEIN / WICHMANN, Mr Adolph Daniel Conrad (merchant) from Pinneberg, Holstein
  WEICHMEIN / WICHMANN, Mrs Marianne Juliene and Charlotte nee Appold from Hamburgand wife - cabin
  WIRSH / WIRTH, Mr (horticulturist) - cabin (possibly Henry Wirth)
  ALTMAN, Mr and wife and 3 children
  APEL, Johann Carl Friedrich, tailor from Harz
  AREND, Mr (probably Carl August Heinrich Wilhelm Arend)
  AREND, Mrs (SAR lists: Mr Arend WILLE, and wife)
  BALTHAUSEN, Miss Johanne Sophie Ernstine from Harz
  BANNIER, Mr and wife (probably August Wilhelm Bannier, joiner)
  BARTSCH / BARSH, Mr, Mrs and 3 children (probably Mrs Caroline Bartsch, no mention of her husband)
  BARTSCH / BARSH, (probably Augusta Carolina Eleonora Lina - daughter of Mrs Caroline)
  BARTSCH / BARSH, (probably Ida - daughter of Mrs Caroline)
  BARTSCH / BARSH, (possibly Louise Pauline - daughter of Mrs Caroline)
  BEUSHAUSER, Mr and wife, Minne.
  BOHME, Mr (probably Ernest August Bohm)
  BOLD / BOLDT, Mr (possibly Heinrich Boldt)
  BRAMEN, Mr and wife (possibly Friedrich Wilhelm Bremer, tailor)
  BROCKMANN, Miss Dorothea
  BROMER, Mr (miner) and wife (probably Philip Heinrich Bremer, miner)
  DEGENHARDT / DEYENHARDT, Mr (probably Johann Carl Ludwig, miner)
  DEGENHARDT / DEYENHARDT, Mr (probably Johann Carl August)
      (it is known that 4 brothers by this name came to SA together in 1846, including Friedrich and Gustav Julius Wilhelm)
  DUNEMANN, Carl August Wilhelm (miner) from Harz
  EISELE, Mr (miner)
  FEIST, Gottfried 47 from Bomst
  FEIST, Anna Dorothea nee Drescher 44
  FEIST, Johann Gottfried 19
  FEIST, Johanna Caroline 15
  FEIST, Wilhelm 11
  FEIST, Pauline 2
  FIEDLER, Mr (probably Heinrich Julius Fiedler, miner from Harz)
  FIEDLER, Mrs (probably Johanne Christiane Wilhelmine nee Knorr)
  FIEDLER, two children (names not listed)
  FISCHER, Mr (miner) - possibly Georg Fischer
  FISCHER, Mrs and child
  FLOTTMANN, Mr (probably Wilhelm Flottmann, tailor)
  FLOTTMANN, Mrs and 4 children
  GOILE, Heinrich 28 from Posen
  GOILE, Friedrich nee Musch 31 from Posen
  GOILE, Friederike Amalie 7
  GOILE, Karl Julius (abt 6)
  GOILE, Bernhard Ludewig Gustav 1
  GOTTE, (possibly Gutte)
  GREGURKE / GREGORKE, Mr (probably Gottfried Gregurke) and wife and 3 children
  GRIMM, Mr and wife and 3 children (probably Heinrich August Hanel and wife Henriette Juliane nee Sommer)
  HAENEL, Heinrich August, miner from Harz
  HAENEL, Henriette Juliane nee Sommer, and child
  HAGE, Mr and wife and 3 children
  HARLING / HARTUNG, Wilhelm from Hanover (miner)
  HAUNERT, Mr and wife and 4 children
  HEBIG / HABIG / HABICH, Johann Georg 33
  HEBIG / HABIG / HABICH, Anna Maria nee Wuttke 26
  HEBIG / HABIG / HABICH, Gottlieb
  HEBIG / HABIG / HABICH, Johann Georg
  HEBIG / HABIG / HABICH, Ernestine Wilhelmine
  HEING, Mr (miner)
  HEINS, Mr (miner)
  HELLING / HEILING, Carl Ludwig Friedrich 26 from Harz
  HESSEN, Christian and son Johann (may have come to Adelaide on this voyage)
  HEUSLER brothers
  HINZE, Mr and wife (probably Johann Martin Ludwig 49, from Mecklenburg)
  HINZE, Mrs (probably Cathrina Margretha Christiana nee Boldt)
  JUNGE, Mr (miner) and wife (probably Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Jung from Berlin)
  KICHNEL, Mr (miner)
  KIEDEL, Mr (miner)
  KLOPP, (possibly Johann Friedrich Klopp)
  KUCK, Mr (miner) - surname probably KOCH
  LAMPE, Mr and wife (probably Hermann Lampe, shoemaker)
  LENE, Miss
  LIENERT / SCENERT, Carl Friedrich August Conrad 22 from Hatz
  LOMMER / SOMMER, Mr and wife and 2 children
  MARUSCHKE, Mr (possibly a son of Matthias Maruschke who came to SA on PAULINE 1846)
  MARX, Mr
  MAY, Mr (miner) and wife and 3 children
  MORITZ, Mr Miss
  MULLER / MALLER, Miss Louise Dorothea Charlotte 25 (SAR: listed as MALLERR)
  NAGEL, Mr and wife and 4 children (possibly George Nagel, miner)
  NEIDA / NAIDA, Joseph from Posen
  NEIDA / NAIDA, Mrs Severina nee Ruciack
  NEIDA / NAIDA, Franziska (child)
  NIEMANN, Mr and wife and 5 children
  PARTIER, Mr (miner) and wife and child
  PELZER, Johann Heinrich Leopold 26 from Bremen (originally listed to come to SA on the GEORGE WASHINGTON)
  PHILIP, Mr (miner)
  POLACK, (SAR listed as: brothers, and wife and three children)
  POLACK, Heinrich Adolph (miner) from Silesia
  POLACK, Charlotte Henriette nee Grabsdorff (widowed Blankenburg) and three children
  REHBEIN, Mr (miner)
  ROBRLOCH / ROHRLOCH, Mr and wife and 3 children
  ROGENER, Mr and wife and child
  ROSE, Mr and wife and child
  RUCIAK / RUCIACK, Thomas 46 (miner) from Dammer
  RUCIAK / RUCIACK, Anna nee Mithalek 46
  RUCIAK / RUCIACK, Ludwig 18
  RUCIAK / RUCIACK, Franziska 15
  RUCIAK / RUCIACK, Elisabeth 11
  SCHIER, Miss
  SCHLINKER, Mr (miner)
  SCHMIDT, Mr and wife and 2 children
  SCHOFFELL, Heinrich Christian Leopold (miner) from Harz
  SCHOLL, Mr (miner) and wife and 4 children
  SCHUNKE, Ernst Christian Heinrich 23 from Hanover
  SCHUNKE, Carl Friedrich J
  SPINGLER, Mr and wife and 3 children
  STRAUSS, Mr and wife and 4 children
  SUDHOLZ, Johann Wilhelm Albrecht 25 (miner) from Hanover - listed in SAR as LADHOLZ
  TRENSE, Mr (probably Nicolaus Trense) and wife
  TRONIER, Mr (probably Heinrich Tronier, miner) and wife and child
  UNGAR, Mr (miner)
  WENZEL, Mr and wife and 3 children
  WOLDMANN / WOLTMANN, Mr (miner) - probably Carl Heinrich Julius Woltman

Especial thanks to Eric and Rosemary Kopittke who prepared much of this work, to the Queensland Family History Society for publishing it,
and to the State Library of South Australia for making it available for you to read.

Any and all copyrighted graphics are acknowledged as of their respective owners.