from London And Plymouth left Plymouth, UK on June 1st
Arrived Port Adelaide on Saturday September 4th, 1847

CABIN PASSENGERS (details by private researcher) CABIN PASSENGERS published in SA REGISTER
Beck, J.F.esq. and lady BECK, F. J. Esq and lady - Cabin,
Hill, Doctor Surgeon HILL Dr. - Cabin,
Scott, Mrs. SCOTT Mrs - Cabin,
Andrew, Elizabeth 14 m. John McCasker 21.4.1849, when 17/18 ANDREWS, Elizabeth
Andrew, Peter,wife Ann nee Trestrail and 5 children
   Family went to Burra child born 10.10. 1847 William, Adelaide
ANDREWS, Peter and wife and five children
Bartle, Joseph BARTLE, Joseph
Bartle, Peter, wife and 1 child BARTLE, Peter and wife and one child
Bawden, Ann
   (this may be Mary Ann Bawden who married William Datson at Kapunda 10.15. 1855)
Bennett, Christopher 39, Elizabeth nee Vincent
   and 4 children including Christopher Vincent 9,
BENNETT, Christopher and wife and four children
Birt, Mary Jeffrey 15.
   married at Penworthen James Banfield Taylor 20.3.1855,
BIRT, Mary J
Birt, Orlando BIRT, Orlando
Birt, William,Jane nee Hocking, 4 children inc. Laura & Julia 11 went to Burra BIRT, William and wife and four children
Blatchford, James, wife and 4 children
   Bible Christian Lay Preacher in Burra 1st wife Lizzie nee Skinner died 1838,
   had at least 2 sons, incl. Henry (b.1834) and Edward (b.1836).
   James Blatchford married 2nd wife in Devon c.1839 Charity nee Jury lived in dugouts
BLATCHFORD, James and wife and four children
Blight, Caroline BLIGHT, Caroline
Briscombe, Francis,wife and 2 children may have gone interstate BRISCOMBE, Francis and wife and two children
Chapple, John married Ann Leeson in 1848, who arrived in 1848 on the "Tasman",
   They moved to Victoria
Coppin, Emma J. COPPIN, Emma J
Coppin, Selina COPPIN, Selina
Datson, Eliza DATSON, Eliza
Datson, Hugh DATSON, Hugh and wife and four children
Datson, Hugh, Jane 36 and 4 children inc. James 10 Burra and Moonta DATSON, Hugh jnr
Datson, Philippa 15 m. Walter Jacka Adelaide DATSON, Philippa
Datson, William see Bawden Ann DATSON, William
Davy, Thomas DAVY, Thomas
Delbridge, Elizabeth Candy. 16 DELBRIDGE, Elizabeth C
Delbridge, James 17 DELBRIDGE, James and wife and six children
Delbridge, James 4, Margaret 42 nee Rickard and Anthony 14, Mary Jane 12, DELBRIDGE, James jnr
John 8, Ann 7/8, Ellen Helena 2 plus one
Eustace, Mary and 2 children EUSTACE, Mary and two children
Evers, Bridget EVERS, Bridget
Fagan, Peter, Catherine nee Norrish and 2 children Irish Family, FAGAN, Peter and wife and two children
Faul, Eliza FAUL, Eliza
Francis, John FRANCIS, John
Francis, Judith and child FRANCIS, Judith and child
Francis, William FRANCIS, William
Geelan, Matthew GEELAN, Matthew
Gillard, Ann GILLARD, Ann
Gillard, John GILLARD, John
Gillard, Margaret GILLARD, Margaret
Gillard, Samuel GILLARD, Samuel
Goad, Thomas GOAD, Thomas
Goad, William James GOAD, William James
Goldsworthy, William and wife GOLDSWORTHY, William and wife
Goodman, Ann GOODMAN, Ann
Goodman, Henry, Ann Goodman,nee Nicholls Henry died 1852 GOODMAN, Henry
Gray, John GRAY, John
Gray, P.Thomas, wife and 2 children GRAY, Thomas Henry
Gray, Thomas Henry GRAY, Thomas P. and wife and two children (one died on the voyage)
Greenslade, James and wife GREENSLADE, James and wife
Gummow, Henry, Maria nee Haughton and 4 children GUMMOW, Henry, wife and 4 children
Hammell, Joshua, wife and 4 children HAMMELL, Joshua and wife and four vhildren
Hampton, John, wife and child HAMPTON, John and wife and one child
Harris, Jane 19 may have married Henry Seaborne a sailor 30.9.1849 HARRIS, Jane
Heeny, Michael, wife and child HEENY, Michael and wife child
Hendy, Nicholas HENDY, Nicholas and wife
Hitchings, John, wife and 4 children HITCHINGS, John and wife and four children
Hocken, Oliver, wife HOCKEN, Oliver and wife
Hooper, Celia HOOPER, Celia
Hooper, Thomas, Johanna nee May and Selina Ann 6, Thomas 4, William 2
   Suzanna born 18.12.1847 in Adelaide went to Burra
HOOPER, Thomas and wife and three children
Hoskin, William HOSKIN, William
Hosking, William, wife and child HOSKING, William and wife child
James, Mary 24 from Cornwall married Joseph C. Sando, who was on this voyage JAMES, Mary
Julien, John and Jane nee Hore JULIEN, John and wife
Julien, Lavania JULIEN, Lavinia
Keast, George KEAST, George
Knight, John,wife and 2 children KNIGHT, John and wife and two children
Knight, Thomas S. KNIGHT, Thomas S
Liggett, James and wife LIGGETT, James and wife
Lott, Francis, wife and 2 children LOTT, Francis and wife and two children
Martin, William and wife MARTIN, William and wife
Matthews, Jane MATTHEWS, Jane
Menhennett, Eliza MENHENNETT, Eliza
Menhennett, Elizabeth and 2 children MENHENNETT, Elizabeth and two children
Menhennett, Henry MENHENNETT, Henry
Menhennett, William Henry MENHENNETT, William Henry
Mitchell, Richard, wife and 4 children one died on the voyage MITCHELL, Robert and wife and four children (one died on voyage)
Morcom, Samuel miner, tributer m. Jane nee Hurres( will check spelling) MORCOM, Samuel
Moyle, William, Elizabeth nee Thomas and 3 children one died on the passage.
   William died 1851 and his wife 1857
MOYLE, William and wife and three children (one died on voyage)
Moyle, Ann MOYLE, Ann
Moyle, Elizabeth MOYLE, Elizabeth
Moyle, John MOYLE, John
Moyle, William MOYLE, William
Mulligan, Patrick, wife and one child MULLIGAN, Patrick and wife and one child
Mulligan, Thomas MULLIGAN, Thomas
Neille, Patrick, wife and one child NEILLE, Patrick and wife and one child
Nekervis, Henry later spelt Nankervis,
  the Cornish accent most probably was the reason for the different spellings.
  Henry went to Burra and worked the mines, later opening the Hotel in Kadina.
  Henry's mother, sister, brother and families came over on the "William Money"
Olive, Joseph, Ann nee Ley and 3 children OLIVE, Joseph and wife and three children
Pascoe, Elizabeth PASCOE, Elizabeth
Pascoe, John, wife and child PASCOE, John and wife and child
Paull, John PAULL, John
Penhall, David PENHALL, David
Penhall, William PENHALL, William
Penhall, William, wife and 5 children PENHALL, William and wife and five children
Plunkett, John PLUNKETT, John
Plunkett, William PLUNKETT, William
Pooley, Ann POOLEY, Ann
Pooley, Elizabeth POOLEY, Elizabeth
Pooley, Emmeline POOLEY, Emmeline
Pooley, Mary POOLEY, Mary
Reiley, Philip, wife and 2 children REILEY, Philip and wife and two children
Rich, Richard RICH, Richard
Roberts, Elizabeth ROBERTS, Elizabeth
Robins, Elizabeth ROBINS, Elizabeth
Rodda, R.N. RODDA, R N
Rogers, Joseph and wife ROGERS, Joseph and wife
Rooke, James later married Maria Bennett ROOKE, James
Rowe, Thomas, Elizabeth nee Barrett and 4 children pig keeper, dwelt in the dugouts. ROWE, Thonas and wife and four children
Sando, Joseph Carnes 48., Frances nee Anguel 50 and William 11 - from Redruth, Cornwall SANDO Joseph Carne, wife and child
Sando, Joseph 25 also named Joseph Carne m. Mary James 2/11/1847 SANDO Joseph
Sando, John 23 SANDO John
Sando, Elizabeth Mary 17 SANDO Elizabeth Mary
Sando, Anthony 21 SANDO Anthony
Sando, Fanny SANDO Fanny
Sando, Sally SANDO, Sally
Smith, Elizabeth m. Thomas Davy/Davey, same voyage. SMITH, Elizabeth
Snow, James SNOW, James
Stevens, Richard V. STEVENS, Richard V.
Tamblyn, Henry, wife and 3 children TAMBLYN, Henry and wife and three children
Taylor, Richard and wife TAYLOR, Richard and wife
Taylor, Stephen TAYLOR, Stephen
Tonkin, William, wife and child TONKIN, William and wife and child
Trenethick, Edwin, wife and 2 children TRENETHICK, Edwin and wife and two children
Trenwith, Emma TRENWICK, Eliza
Trenwith, George TRENWICK, Emma
Trenwith, Honor TRENWICK, George
Trenwith, Johanna TRENWICK, Honor
Trenwith, John, wife and child TRENWICK, Johanna
Trenwith, Thomas TRENWICK, John and wife child
Trernwith, Eliza TRENWICK, Thomas
Trevithick, Henry, Elizabeth nee Pascoe and 5 children,
  including Grace Dylman Symonds, Thomas Henry, Richard Pascoe, Elizabeth Ann
  They came from Cornwall went to Burra then Victoria
TREVITHICK, Henry and wife and five children
Trewin, Caroline TREWIN, Caroline
Trutt, Bridget TRUTT, Bridget
Veal, Richard, wife and 2 children one child died on the passage VEAL, Richard and wife and two children (one died on voyage)
Ward, Ann WARD, Ann
Warns, Richard, wife and child died on the voyage WARNE, Richard and wife and child
Warrick, Francis WARRICK, Francis
Warrick, Joseph, wife and 4 children one died on the voyage WARRICK, Joseph and wife and four children (one died on voyage)
Warrick, Samson WARRICK, Sampson
Wesh, John, wife and 2 children WELSH, John and wife and two children
Williams, Solomon, wife and 2 children WILLIAMS, Solomon and wife and two children
Woolcock, Hopson, wife and 2 children WOOLCOCK, Hopson and wife and two children (one died on voyage)
Yelland, William YELLAND, William

SAMM refers to South Australian Maritime Museum, SAR refers to South Australian REGISTER Newspaper