Bremerhaven August 27th 1847
Port Adelaide December 21, 1847

The GELLERT departed Bremen August 28th 1847 under the command of Captain Ihlder/Fhlert and arrived in Port Adelaide on December 21st 1847 with 247 passengers.
A passenger list for the GELLERT appears in The Mattners in Australia 1839-1980
Cost of a Berth: Adults 80 Thaler, and children half price

SPECIAL THANKS is given to the Mattner family and Sandra O'Hara for their research
and to our friend Wayne for mentioning
"he knew someone who had the list of passengers who came to South Australia
on the GELLERT in 1847". Wonderful people - all of you.

The Picture of the GELLERT was taken from a photograph of a painting
supplied by Erwin Woite of Munchen to the Dolling family.

The name GELLERT is just visible on the top pennant
of the large ship on the left of the picture.
Click to see a larger image

This Passenger list of the passengers on the GELLERT is based on a hand-written list (by Edward Delius), and by an alphabetical list published in the "Mattner Family History", plus the badly spelt arrival list published in the South Australian REGISTER Newspaper.

Most of the Migrants came in family groups - some consisted of two or three generations.
Unfortunately their Pastor Phillip Jacob OSTER died of Tuberculous Oct 24,1847 on the voyage, and the immigrants scattered on arrival to a number of German villages: Lobethal, Blomberg, Hahndorf, Bethanien, Light Pass, Langmeil and at Huffnungsthal.

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