The HELIOSE (476 tons) under Captain Jan Beckmann, left Bremen on October 12, 1846 - a ship chartered by Eduard Delius
(the emigration agent for South Australia in Bremen) and arrived in Port Adelaide, South Australia on March 17 1847.

It had five passengers in the cabin; and in the steerage 62 male adults, 38 married women, six female servants and 103 children.
The ship was well provisioned with provisions, and even potatoes were served out to the passengers for 50 days after sailing.
Cargo of the HELOISE, from Bremen - 10 pieces battens, 140 planks, 2 piano-fortes, 2 cases and 1 package, 40 cases wine".

Nuremberg (Bavaria) September 1846.
A few days ago a very affecting scene took place here, which deserves to be generally made known with all its particulars. A number of friends and fellow-students accompanied Dr. Bayer to this place, who purposes establishing himself in New Holland.
This decision is the consequence of having received official intimation from the Bavarian Government that he can never calculate upon receiving any appointment in this country. The grounds for this exclusion is the exhibition of a degree of moral firmness in Dr Bayer, such as is seldom met with in young men.
He had been suspected of having professionally attended a duel between two students, in which one of the combatants received a wound of which he died within a few hours afterwards. Dr Bayer did not deny his professional assistance on the occasion, but when he was called upon to name the party who had inflicted the mortal wound, he firmly refused to do so. He endured with fortitude the heavy fines to which he was three times condemned, but, in spite of every threat, he adhered steadfastly to his first declaration. By that means he saved the surviving principal, the seconds and the witnesses from punishment.

The Bavarian Government persisted in their determination that Dr Bayer should be altogether excluded from any public employment. In consequence of which that gentleman made up his mind to emigrate to New Holland. The departure of this very estimable young man, equally so in regard to the firmness of his character and his general disposition, and to his practical attainments, was exceedingly affecting.

The Editor of the Bremen newspaper adds in a note, subjoined to the above extract, that Dr Bayer, whose acquaintance he had made, and to whom he describes as an excellent, talented and practical man, was about to sail for Adelaide in the HELOISE, in the capacity of surgeon. We hope the worthy doctor will be soon as much pleased that he has selected South Australia for his new home, as all his fellow-countyrmen who have already settled there.

The SOUTH AUSTRALIAN on March 19th 1847 reported "The arrival of three large ships from Europe within the present week - two of them with emigrants numbering
in all upwards of four hundred souls - has been hailed with great satisfaction by the colonists. The Bremen ship HELOISE brings a large number of the better class of
the German peasantry. They have all paid their own passage, and they bring, we are informed, more money than the emigrant ship has for years imported.
They are healthy, and respectable people, and we doubt not they will do well".

"... The Bremen ship HELOISE, Captain Beckmann, 155 days from Bremen. Passengers - Dr. Bayer, Physician to the ship, Messrs. Menkens, Doussa, Beddies, Monikes, Pappe, and 198 others, viz: 1 mason, 1 shoemaker, 1 gold and silver smith, 1 butcher and sausage-maker, 1 miller, 1 cloth weaver, 2 cabinet makers, 40 farmers and labourers, 14 miners, 6 female servants, 38 married women and 103 children ... - a total of 214. We understand also that the HELOISE brings Mr Meyer, a gentleman who came out to the colony by the last vessel from Germany, and is now established as a merchant in Adelaide, the credentials of his appointment as Consul in South Australia for the Kingdom of Hanover."

A report in the ADELAIDE OBSERVER on March 20 1847 states "On board the HELOISE from Bremen there were six births and six deaths, namely four young children,
an aged woman named Anna Roena Sighdon (in her 85th year), and a young sailor named Pelser Kerter, aged 20, who fell overboard before the ship was under canvas ..."

No official passenger list exists. The only passenger list that exists for the HELOISE was published in the ADELAIDE REGISTER on March 24th 1847 and gives their occupations and other information as well. This list has been expanded to include the work of HFW Proeve which appears in With Pride, The Menzels of Hoffnungsthal 1847-1984 (originally appeared in The Lutheran Yearbook of 1974).   This 'new' list is as follows:

  CABIN PASSENGER:  MENZEL / MENGEL, Christian (55) born 1791 Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  BAYER, Dr. Carl J Friedrich (Surgeon) - Cabin   MENZEL / MENGEL,Anna Dorothea RICHTER (2nd wife of Christian)
  BEDDIES, Mr - merchant from Hamburg - Cabin  MENZEL / MENGEL, Johann Gottlieb (24) born 1823 Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  MENKENS, Mr - Cabin  MENZEL / MENGEL, Michael (21) born 1826 Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  MENKENS, Johann Hermann - merchant from Oldenburg - Cabin   MENZEL / MENGEL, Johann (17) born 1829 Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  MEYER, Mr, Consul for the Kingdom of Hanover - Cabin  MENZEL / MENGEL, Wilhelm (14) born 1833 Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  PAPPE, Mr - merchant from Hamburg - Cabin   MENZEL / MENGEL, Daniel (13) born 1834 Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  Von DOUSSA, D - Cabin   MENZEL / MENGEL, Carl/Karl August (10) born 1837 Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  Von DOUSSA, Alfred Louis Emil 28 - agriculturalist from Prussia - Cabin  MENZEL / MENGEL, Anna Elisabeth (8, twin) born 1839 Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  STEERAGE PASSENGERS:  MENZEL / MENGEL, Pauline (8, twin) born 1839 Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  AUDERS / ANDERS, Franz (Cabinet maker) from Silesia  MENZEL / MENGEL, Emilie (5) born 1842 Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  BIERWORTH, Carl (carpenter)  MENZEL / MENGEL, Friedrich (3) born 1844 Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  BOCK, Mr (miner) and wife and 2-4 children  MENZEL / MENGEL, Maria Dorothea (nee Richter) born Nekla-Hauland, Posen
    (Christian's sister may also come too)
  CALLE, Mr (miner)   MIBUS, Mr. born 1816, Nekla-Hauland, Posen Hochkirch,
  CAVIAC, Mr and wife and child  MIBUS, Dorothea (nee Huf) born 1816 and 3 children
  DREYER, Mr (miner) mother, cousin and 2 children  MIBUS / NEBUS, Gottlieb 39 (marble mason) born 1807 Nekla-Hauland, Posen,
    and brother-in-law Nuske/Noske (not named)
  DUNEKE, Mr and wife   MIBUS / NEBUS, Anna Juliane (nee Nuske) 34, born 1812 Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  FERNHABER / FIRNHABER, Carl Eduard - gold and silver smith  MONIKES, Mr - labourer
  FERNHABER / FIRNHABER, Elisabeth Sophie nee Stuckenschmidt and 2 children  NUSKE / NOSKE, Joseph Christian 45, born 1802 Nekla-Hauland, Posen
    (servant Falsenberg listed separately)
  FISCHER, Mr (miner) and wife and 3 children  NUSKE / NOSKE, Henriette (nee Graeger) 29, born 1818 Nekla-Hauland (wife of Joseph)
  FLASENBEURG, -- a servant (to Mr Christian Nuske's family)   NUSKE / NOSKE, Friedrich 13, born 1833 Nekla-Hauland, Posen (son of Joseph)
  GOPP - two brothers (miners)  NUSKE / NOSKE, Carl 11, born 1835 Nekla-Hauland, Posen (son of Joseph)
  GREEN / GRUN, Johann Georg (an experienced farmer) and wife  NUSKE / NOSKE, Christoph 36 from Posen
  HARMS, Anna - young widow and cook   NUSKE / NOSKE, Louise nee Noske 32 (wife of Christof)
  HERBERGER, Carl Heinrich (miner) and wife   NUSKE / NOSKE, Ludwig 10 (son of Christof)
  HERMANN - 2 brothers (labourers)  NUSKE / NOSKE, Henriette 9 (daughter of Christof)
  HEUSLER / HAUSLER, Johann Georg Heinrich 60, born 1786 from Posen, Germany  NUSKE / NOSKE, Pauline 6 (daughter of Christof)
  HEUSLER / HAUSLER, Anna Christine/Christian nee BAUM 45, born 1801 (and children)  NUSKE / NOSKE, Juliane 9mths (daughter of Christof)
  HEUSLER / HAUSLER, Johann Friedrich born 1820 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   NUSKE / NOSKE, Samuel 47 (also recorded as SAMUEL, Johann,)
  HEUSLER / HAUSLER, Gottfried born 1824 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   NUSKE / NOSKE, Anna Rosina 41 (wife of Samuel)
  HEUSLER / HAUSLER, Anna Rosina born 1826 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   NUSKE / NOSKE, Juliane 9 (daughter of Samuel)
  HEUSLER / HAUSLER, Caroline born 1832 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   NUSKE / NOSKE, Gottlieb 6 (son of Samuel)
  HEUSLER / HAUSLER, Anna Elizabeth 12 (daughter of above)  NUSKE / NOSKE, Gottfried Gustav 3 (son of Samuel)
  HEUSLER / HAUSLER, Friedrich Wilhelm born 1836 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   OLANE, August (librarian) and and wife and 3 children
  HEUSLER / HAUSLER, Carl August born 1839 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   OLANE, Geager/George - labourer
  HEUSLER / HAUSLER, Christine born 1840 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   ORDEMANN / ODERMANN, Conrad 28 - butcher and sausage maker
  HEUSLER / HAUSLER, Julianne born 1842 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   RATKA, Mr and wife and 3 children
  HOFMAN, Mr (miner) and wife   SCHACH, Johann Gottlob 31 (miller) from Silesia
  HOLFS, Mr and wife child   SCHACH, Johanna Maria Henrietta Dorothea nee Rohr 23 from Posen
  HUBNER, Mr (Cabinet maker) and wife and 2 children  SCHACH, Anna Dorothea (sister of J. Gottlob)
  HUFF, Johann (born January 1803) from Nekla-Hauland, Posen  SCHACH, Anna Elisabeth (sister of J. Gottlob)
  HUFF, Anna Christina nee Grüning (born May 1812) and 4 children   SCHLAMELGER / SCHLAMEMELCHER, Wilhelm Friedrich (miner)
  HUFF / HUF, August (born three months into the voyage near the Cape of Good Hope)  SCHLAMELGER / SCHLAMEMELCHER, Mrs (wife of Wilhelm) and 2 children
  KEAN, Mr and wife and 2 children   SCHOENING / SCHOENIG, Caspar Heinrich - shoemaker
  KERTER, Pelser (crew) died aged 20  SCHALZ / SCHULTZ, Mr (mason)
  KIRCHNER, Mr and wife and 3 children   SCHULZ, Johann Samuel born 1814, Neu Borui, Posen Hochkirch (an experienced farmer)
  KLEINITZ / KLIENTZ, Mr and wife child   SCHULZ, Anna Rosina (nee Mueller) born 1821, Posen Hochkirch,
  KREIG, Charles/Carl Ferdinand 30, born 1816 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   SCHULZ, Juliane born 1841, Posen Hochkirch,
  KREIG, Anna Elisabeth (nee Leske) 19, born 1827 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   SCHULZ, Caroline born 1843, Posen d 1850, Hoffnungsthal, SA
  KREIG, Pauline 3, born 1844 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   SCHULZ, Johann August born 1845, Pose Hochkirch,
  KRIEG, John/Johann born Nekla-Hauland, Posen   SEMMLER Johann 34 from Bremen, Germany
  KRIEG, Anna Julianna (nee Huf, formerly Hermann) and 5 children   SEMMLER Anna Dorothea (nee Seifert) 34 from Bremen, Germany - wife of Johann
  LESKE, Samuel Gottfried Johann 45, born 1802 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   SEMMLER, Gottlieb (7) born Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  LESKE, Anna Dorothea (nee Miebus) 46, born 1801   SEMMLER, Ludwig (6) born Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  LESKE, Anna Elisabeth born 1827 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   SEMMLER, Juliane (5) born Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  LESKE, Gottfried Johann 16, born 1831 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   SEMMLER, Friedrich (1) born Nekla-Hauland, Posen
  LESKE, Anna Paulina born 1836 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   SIGNDON, Anna Roena (died on voyage, in her 85th year)
  LESKE, Samuel Gottfried Johann born 1843 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   SOFT, Mr and wife
  LESKE, Anna Julianna 3, born 1842 Nekla-Hauland, Posen   SPARE / SPAER, August (miner from Clausthal) and wife
  LESKE, Christoph 38 (handicapped brother) may have come to SA on this voyage  SPARE / SPAER / SPEHER, Henry (miner from Clausthal)
  LINDNER, Johann Dienegott 27 from Posen  SPARE / SPAER / SPEHER, Sophie Henriette nee Weschen
  LINDNER, Anna Luise nee Herrmann 25   SPARE / SPAER / SPEHER, Ottilie Emilie Friedericke 6
  LINDNER, Emilie 3  SPARE / SPAER / SPEHER, Christian Heinrich
  LINDNER, Leopold (6mths)  WILKOWSKY / WILKOWSKI, Jacob and wife
  LORENZ, Ossig - father and 4 grown up sons   WRUCK, Mr (cloth weaver)
  LORENZ, Anna - young unmarried woman (daughter of Ossig ?)   ZADOW, Gottfried
  MACKZOWIACK / CAVIAC, Mr and wife child (this is actually Mackzowiack)  ZADOW, Anna Susanna nee Kien
  MARTIN, Heinrich Siegesmund 31  ZADOW, Johann Ludwig 10
  MARTIN, Anna Dorothea nee Panjas/Panias  ZADOW, Friedrich 8
  MARTIN, Hermann 5  ZADOW, 2 children (names not listed)
  MENGLER, Johann Georg Carl Ernst 29 (miner) from Harz   ZIERSCH / TIERSCH, G and wife
  MENGLER, Carl Heinrich Christian (miner) - brother of Johann  ZIERSCH / TIERSCH, W and wife and child
1847 June 24th: Recently arrived German immigrants from Posen off the HELOISE, took up Sections 567 and 568, containing 740 acres, at an annual rental of 6/- per acre.
The land was leased from George Fife Angas.

Especial thanks to Eric and Rosemary Kopittke who prepared much of this work, to the Queensland Family History Society for publishing it,
and to the State Library of South Australia for making it available for you to read.