from London, departed Plymouth January 19th, 1847 with Captain Thomas Bacon,
arrived Port Adelaide May 3rd

The THERESA, emigrant ship from London made the whole passage to Adelaide in 104 days.
By this arrival we have an addition of 239 souls to the population of the colony.
Three small children died during the voyage, and four births took place.
The emigrants were from Buckinghamshire, Devon, Cornwall and Ireland.
The males included 32 miners, 33 agricultural labourers and farm servants, 5 carpenters, 1 blacksmith, 1 shoemaker
and 3 masons or bricklayers. The females included 30 domestic servants and 4 dressmakers.

The newly-arrived expressed their entire satisfaction with the quality and quantity of the provisions, and the water
(which was filtered before being taken on board) was good all the way. On arrival and after the muster had taken place,
the emigrants gave three cheers for Doctor Gordon. The proposer of the cheer designated Dr Gordon
"the conservator of health and the lover of peace". Three cheers followed for the ship.