from London 11 - 01 1848 via Plymouth - Captain J H Young, arrived Port Adelaide on Saturday, April 15th, 1848

The South Australian REGISTER newspaper (of the April 19th 1848) reported:
This barque of 510 tons, was signalled on Saturday afternoon, but it was half-past ten p.m.
before her mail and the boarding officer's report arrived in town.
The BOLTON brings 267 emigrants, of all ages and both sexes, who were taken on board at London and Plymouth.
The final departure took place at Plymouth on January 11th, and the passage took ninety five days.

An Irish emigrant emigrant, who had become deranged on the voyage, and was consequently subjected to restraint,
contrived to liberate himself during a gale of wind and jumped overboard. The ship was under close-reefed topsails
at the time, and it was impossible to save the unfortunate man.

On March 7th, in lat.38d.49d S, long8d.10d S, the BOLTON spoke the ENMORE, bound for this port.
Captain Hall, master of the ENMORE, requested Captain Young to report the death of one of his passengers, Mr Johnson, solicitor.

The above list was first produced by unknown person in the 1960/70 era.
All that is left is one type written page that has not been authenticated and it is not currently known how complete the list is.
This Passenger list was transcribed from the South Australian REGISTER (April 19th 1848) by Ian Dodd and Di Cummings.