BUSSORAH MERCHANT arrived Adelaide in November 1848

John and Emma MATTHEWS (nee Trengrouse) and family emigrated on this vessel to South Australia in 1848.
Emma was the daughter of Henry Trengrouse who invented the rocket powered rescue system for ships in distress and the cork filled life jacket.

CARTWRIGHT Joseph (b.May 5th 1816, Lye, Worcs), wife Mary PUGH and three children Ezekiah (b. July 23, 1843, Lye), Felix (b.July 13, 1846, Lye) and Henry James (b.about 1847)
from Lye, Worcestershire, England or possibly Rowley Regis, Staffordshire.

The great great grandson of Joseph (above) offers the following:
Joseph Cartwright, his wife, Mary (nee PUGH) and 3 sons, (one my gGF Felix) arrived in Adelaide on Nov 10th, 1848 on "BUSSORAH MERCHANT". They left UK with only 2 sons, so the 3rd was presumably "born at sea". I spent quite a lot of time and effort trying to find a record of his birth, (and still haven't found one).

In the process, I waded through all the relevant correspondence with the Colonial Secretary's Office at Archives of SA (then at Netley ). As a result, I found that "BUSSORAH MERCHANT" and a bigger ship "POICTIERS" had arrived a day after the spring tide and neither was able to cross the bar into Port Adelaide, and "BM", at least, was not able to go up the river until almost 3 weeks later. The ship's agents refused to pay for lighters to take the passengers off, so some, at least, of the passengers had to stay on the ship for that time.

My ggGF seems to have been "a man of means", and to have been in a hurry. I think he had applied for the position of Mine Superintendent at Burra Mine, (which was vacant when he arrived, but was filled shortly after) but was unsuccessful. He went off to the the Californian gold rush shortly afterwards, leaving his wife and 3 small sons in rented accommodation in Grote St., Adelaide, so I don't think he would have stayed on the ship.

Amongst the correspondence is a letter from the ship's surgeon, requesting payment of his gratuity for 2 children born while the ship was at anchor. The surgeon's report for the trip states that 2 children were born on the voyage, one of whom died, but, unfortunately, no names. It also states that the ship "called at The Cape", presumably Table Cape.

I am sure that you have found that there is only a partial passenger list for the voyage, for the sponsored passengers; there is no list for the passenger who paid their passage.
There is a letter to the Colonial Secretary's Office, presumably from the agent in London or Plymouth, which "encloses herewith a copy of the Charter Party ", but unforunately it is not with the correspondence. The archivist helped me go through many boxes at Netley to try to find the missing enclosure, but without success. Pehaps it exists somewhere back in UK. I was lucky and found my family in an index of names in the newspaper shipping arrivals and found the original newspaper reports. Incidentally, in going through records of the Burra mine (on my recent visit to Adelaide), I found that a number of new arrivals from "BUSSORAH MERCHANT" had obtained work at the mine.

NOTE: Sorry I didn't retain the name of the great great grandson of Joseph