"CONSTANCE - 1848"

Master: Captain J. Godfrey
Construction: 1848 in Sunderland Tonnage: 578 tons Owners: Marshall
Port of registry: London Port of survey: London
Voyage: sailed for Adelaide left London on 16 May 1848
arrived in Adelaide 26 Aug 1848
The clipper barque "Constance" left London on 16th May, 1848. The ship arrived in Adelaide on 26th August
and its arrival was announced in the "South Australian Register" newspaper on the 30th August, 1848.

"The 'Constance' emigrant ship. This arrival took place on Saturday, and has added 216 souls to our population.
The 'Constance' left London on the 16th and Plymouth on the 26th May, so that the passage from land to land
did not exceed ninety-one days. She is a new ship and proceeds hence to China."