The HARPLEY with Captain Thomas Buckland departed Deptford, London on May 12th 1848, bearing a second group of Lacemakers.
"The poop of the ship was transformed into a haberdasher's shop from which everything necessary was gratuitously
and unsparingly supplied to those who were in need."

The HARPLEY berthed at the Port of Adelaide on September 6, 1848
Unfortunately, for the descendants of the Lacemakers, there has been no trace of documentation of that voyage ... not even a shipping list!
We are grateful that the SOUTH AUSTRALIAN REGISTER Newspaper's Shipping Reporter recorded the list of passengers which was subsequently published a day or two later - 256 healthy people on board a remarkably clean and well commanded ship.
Additional information was provided by Rosemary Oram (
and The Australian Society of the Lacemakers of Calais (

An aged and ailing man in his 67th year (name not currently known) was very distressed at the thought of his family leaving him behind.
The Commissioner humanely granted him a free passage, and within a week or two this man died in the Bay of Biscay.
The only other death on the voyage was a delicate infant named Charlotte PARSONS aged 3 mths.

CABIN PASSENGERS: Dr John Spencer (Surgeon Superintendent) and John Spencer.

BARNETT John (Occupation Lacemaker), from Sneinton, Notts (b.1813 to William and Eleanor) - wife and 6 children listed separately
BARNETT Harriett nee NEEDHAM (b.1812 to Thomas and Ann), from Sneinton, Notts
BARNETT Sabina (b.1835 Sneinton to John and and wife)
BARNETT Ann (b.1838 Sneinton to John and and wife)
BARNETT Eleanor (b.1840 Sneinton to John and and wife)
BARNETT Mary Ann (b.1841 Sneinton to John and and wife)
BARNETT Elizabeth (b.1844 Calais to John and and wife)
BARNETT John (b.1846 Calais to John and and wife)
The 1831 Census ( Saint-Pierre, France) listed William BROWN (lacemaker, father, 46), wife Ann nee Wafers (mother 49),
Thomas (son 24), John (son 22 b.1800), Charles (son 19), Mary Ann (daughter 17), Sarah (daughter 14) and James (son 10)
BROWN / BOWN John (b.1800), wife and 4 children (listed separately)
BROWN / BOWN Sarah nee PALING (b.1812)
BROWN / BOWN Caroline (b.1835), from Lenton
BROWN / BOWN Edmund (b.1839)
BROWN / BOWN John (b.1841)
BROWN / BOWN Henry (b.1845), from Calais
BURGESS, William (b.1812 to Solomon and Elizabeth) from Snodland, Kent
BURGESS Mary Ann nee LEE, from Ryash, Kent (b.1820 to William and Mary) and 4 children (listed separately)
BURGESS Arthur (b.1837 Snodland, Kent)
BURGESS Aaron (b.1839 Hailing, Kent)
BURGESS Adam (b.1844 Hailing, Kent)
BURGESS Albert (b.1842 Hailing, Kent)
CLARKE Joseph (b.1824 to Joseph and Hannah), from Nottingham
CLARKE Mrs (wife of Joseph) and child
CLARKE John (b.1821 Nottingham to Joseph and Hannah)
CLARKE Ann (wife of John)
CLARKE William (b.1843)
CLARKE James (b.1846)
CLARKE John (b.1847)
COBB William (b.1801 to John and Martha) and wife and 2 children (listed separately)
COBB Rhoda nee BARRY aged 20 ( Henry and Elizabeth)
COBB John, from Calais (b.1838)
COBB Ada, from Calais (b.1844)
COPE Henry (b.1805 to Joseph and Martha), wife and 7 children (listed separately)
COPE Ann nee DENMAN, from Farnsfield (b.1807 to Thomas and Ann)
COPE Joseph Losco (b.1828)
COPE Ann (b.1831 Nottingham)
COPE Henry (b.1833 Nottingham)
COPE Fanny (b.1834 London)
COPE William (b.1836 Nottingham)
COPE Edwin (b.1839 Calais)
COPE Emma (b.1844 Calais)
CROWDER Cornelius, from Gedling, Notts (b.1799) and wife
CROWDER Hannah nee SAVAGE (b.1795 William and Ann) from Gedling, Notts
CROWDER Hannah (b.1823)
CROWDER Emma (b.1827)
CROWDER Mary (b.1829)
DAVIS John (b.1802), wife and 4 children (listed separately)
DAVIS Elizabeth nee BOOT (b. to Thomas and Elizabeth)
DAVIS John (b.1839)
DAVIS Mary Anne (b.1843)
DAVIS Richard (b.1841)
DAVIS unknown (Harpley) - b.1848 on voyage
DENNISTHORPE / DONNISTHORPE Mary Ann (b.1824 to Charles and Mary) from Calais
DENNISTHORPE / DONNISTHORPE Charles (b.1828 to Charles and Mary) from Calais
DENNISTHORPE / DONNISTHORPE George (b.1830 to Charles and Mary) from Calais
The 1831 Census ( Saint-Pierre, France) listed John DIXON (lacemaker, father, 37), wife Mary Ann nee Petty (mother),
Mary Ann (daughter 13), Elizabeth (daughter 11), Henrietta (daughter 9), Caroline (daughter 6), Sarah (daughter 4) and Richard (son 2)
Who was he - Richard Bell Dixon, Michael Dixon or John Dixon ? This must be Richard Dixon.
Daughter Caroline, gave her father's name as Michael when she married Mr Whewell in Dover.
She stated Richard was her father on the shipping indent, and he travelled on the Harpley as Richard Bell Dixon.
DIXON Richard Hyson (b.1794) and family from Green, Notts
DIXON Mary Ann nee PETTY
DIXON Sarah (b.1828) - possibly wife of Richard H. Dixon
DIXON Richard Bell (b.1829) from Calais
DIXON David Petty (b.1831) from Calais
DIXON Joseph (b.1832) from Calais
DIXON Joshua Sayer (b.1839) from Calais
DIXON Mary (b.1844 to Sarah Dixon) from Calais
The 1831 Census ( Saint-Pierre, France) listed George DORMER (laceworker, father 32), July nee GRAY (mother 30),
Mary (daughter 6), Helene (daughter 4) and John (son 2)
DORMER George (b.1798), wife and 6 children (listed separately) from Ireland
DORMER Judith nee GREY (b.1800)
DORMER Thomas (b.1832) from Calais
DORMER Ellen (b.1834) from Calais
DORMER Juliane (b.1836) from Calais
DORMER George (b.1837) from Lille, France
DORMER Esther (b.1840) from Calais
DORMER James (b.1841) from Calais
DUNK Thomas (b.1811), wife and 5 children (listed separately)
DUNK Mary nee MOTTERSHAW, from Loughborough, Leics (b.1814 to Thomas and Sarah)
DUNK Charlotte (b.1835)
DUNK Thomas (b.1836) from Radford
DUNK John Palmer (b.1842) from Calais
DUNK Alfred (b.1844) from Calais
DUNK Benjamin (b.1846) from Calais
FREESTONE John (b.1812), wife and 5 children (listed separately) from Nottingham
FREESTONE Ann nee WATSON (b.1818)
FREESTONE William (b.1838) from Moule
FREESTONE Alfred (b.1840) from Nottingham
FREESTONE John (b.1842)
FREESTONE Henry (b.1844) from Nottingham
FREESTONE Charles Robert (b.1846) from Calais
GOLDFINCH Richard (b.1814 to Richard) from Deal, Kent
GOLDFINCH Eugenie nee DE SOMBRE (b.1820 to Auguste) from Calais
GOLDFINCH Richard (b.1838) from Calais
GOLDFINCH George (b.1841) from Calais
GOLDFINCH William (b.1844) from Calais
GOLDFINCH Henry (b.1846) from Calais
HALL James (b.1821 to Jonathon and Martha) from Nottingham
HALL Mary nee HAZLEDINE (b.1825 to John Brown/Bown and Sarah)
HALL Everett (b.1847 Calais) - son of John
HAROLD, William (b.1803 to George and Hannah) from Hinckley, Leics
HAROLD, Catherine nee EAST (b.1801 to William and Mary) from Leics
HEMINGWAY John (b.1816), wife and 2 children
HEMINGWAY Christiana nee CUNLIFFE (b.1817)
HEMINGWAY, Edwin Cuncliffe (b.1842), from Halifax, Yorkshire
HEMINGWAY Walter (b.1844), from Halifax, Yorkshire
HENSLIE / HEMSLEY James (b.1826 to William and Sarah), from Calais
HENSLIE / HEMSLEY Caroline (b.1828 to William and Sarah), from Calais
HENSLIE / HEMSLEY John (nephew of James)
HIBBERT John (b.1815 to Joshua and Ann), from Tideswell, Derby and wife
HIBBERT Caroline nee LOUARD (b.1829 to Francis and Mary)
HISKEY Phillip (b.1825 to Robert and Anne), from Calais, wife and 2 children (listed separately)
HISKEY, Hannah nee HAROLD (b.1826 to William and Catherine) from Leics
HISKEY Mary Anne (b.1844 Calais)
HISKEY William (b.1847 Calais)
HOLMES Benjamin Bennet (b.1809 to John and Ann), wife and 3 children (listed separately)
HOLMES Elizabeth nee GAMBLE (b.1810 to Henry)
HOLMES Harriet (b.1831 Nottingham)
HOLMES Benjamin
HOLMES Elizabeth (b.1835)
HOPKINS Humphrey (b.1805 to Humphrey and Sarah), wife and adult daughter Mary, from Nottingham
HOPKINS Mary nee ORIEL (b.1809)
In the early 1800's Joseph IRONS and his wife Alice reared a family of 4 sons. They lived in Littleport Cambridgeshire.
Joseph was born about 1767 and died at Littleport in 1844. Their sons Joseph, born about 1807, Turner born 1812, Henry born 1816 and John born 1819.
In the late 1840's two of the sons left Britain to settle in the colony of Sth Aust. John IRONS & his wife Eliza arrived at Adelaide in 1848 aboard the "Harpley".
Brother Turner IRONS and his wife came to Adelaide in 1849 on board the INDIA.
IRONS John, wife and child
IRONS Elizabeth nee PAUSEY
JAMES Joseph (b.1804 to Henry and Sarah), wife and 2 children, from Loughborough, Leics
JAMES Alice nee RICHARDSON (b.1795 to John and Sarah), from Attenborough,Leics
JAMES Job (b.1836 to Joseph and Ellen), from Stapleford, Notts
JAMES Sampson , from Glassup Quorndon, Leics (b.1838 to Joseph and Ellen)
LANDER, Edward, and his wife Mary Ann SIMPSON had a large family and emigrated from Calais (from whence they had settled after moving from Nottingham in the early 1840s) to South Australia in 1848 aboard the "Harpley".
LANDER / SANDERS Mary Anne (b.1776 mother of Edward)
LANDER / SANDERS Edward Little (b.1811 to John and Mary Ann) - lacemaker, from Malta
LANDER / SANDERS Mary Anne nee SIMPSON, from Basford (b.1810)
LANDER / SANDERS Mary Anne (b.1829), from Basford
LANDER / SANDERS John Hyson (b.1837), from Green, Notts
LANDER / SANDERS Emma (b.1841), from Basford
LANDER / SANDERS Rosina (b.1843), from Calais
LANDER / SANDERS Clara (b.1845), from Calais
LANDER / SANDERS Adelaide (b.1848 on voyage)
LANGMORE / LONGMIRE Hiram (b.1816 to William and Thomasin), wife and 5 children (listed separately), from Nottingham
LANGMORE / LONGMIRE Henry (b.1836), from Radford
LANGMORE / LONGMIRE Hiram (b.1838), from Radford
LANGMORE / LONGMIRE Mary (b.1841), from Radford
LANGMORE / LONGMIRE Elizabeth (b.1843), from Calais
LANGMORE / LONGMIRE Walter (b.1846), from Calais
LEE Henry (son of Thomas and Sarah), wife and child (listed separately), from Gedling, Notts
LEE Sarah Jane nee WOOLCOCK (b.1829 to Richard and Mary), from Dover
LEE John (b.1847), from Calais
MATTHEWS Mathew (b.1816), wife and 3 children
MOUNTANEY / MOUNTENAY John (b.1803), wife and 3 children (listed separately)
MOUNTANEY / MOUNTENAY Elizabeth nee BENNET (b.1801)
MOUNTANEY / MOUNTENAY Goerge (b.1832), from Derbyshire
MOUNTANEY / MOUNTENAY Ann (b.1836), from Calais
PARSONS William (b.1802 to John and Sarah), wife and 7 children (listed separately), from Bothamsall, Notts
PARSONS Charlotte nee SLACK (b.1803 to Adam and Mary)
PARSONS Sarah (b.1825), from Nottingham
PARSONS John (b.1830)
PARSONS Ellen (b.1833)
PARSONS Mary (b.1835)
PARSONS Emma (b.1837)
PARSONS Betsy (b.1839)
PARSONS Charlotte (b.1848 Calais, died on voyage aged 3 mths)
PAUL William
PEAT Emily
PEAT Louisa
PIKE George, wife and child (listed separately)
REVEL John (b.1800), wife and 3 children (listed separately)
REVEL Anne (b.1828)
REVEL Elizabeth (b.1828)
REVEL Melisent/Milicent (b.1831), from Mansfield
RICHMOND Charles (b.1808 to Charles and Mary), wife and 8 children (listed separately), from Cromwell
RICHMOND Ruth (b.1841), from Attenborough
RICHMOND Charles (b.1841), from Attenborough
RICHMOND George (b.1841), from Attenborough
RICHMOND John (b.1844)
RUSHTON Mary (father - John)
SAMUELS Esther, from London (b.1830)
SANSON / SANSOM John (b.1799 to Thomas and Sarah), wife and 4 children (listed separately), from Sutton-in-Ashfield
SANSON / SANSOM Mary nee STUBBS (b.1804 to Robert and Mary) - wife of John
SANSON / SANSOM William Henry (b.1830 to John and Mary)
SANSON / SANSOM Elizabeth nee SMITH (b.1832 to John and Elizabeth) - wife of William
SANSON / SANSOM John/Jane (b.1834) from Calais
SANSON / SANSOM Mary Ann (b.1836) from Calais
SANSON / SANSOM Emma (b.1838), from Calais
SANSON / SANSOM Francis (b.1841), from Calais
SANSON / SANSOM William (born to Thomas and Sarah) and wife
The 1831 Census ( Saint-Pierre, France) listed Isaac SHAW (laceworker, father, 48), wife Sarah nee Hart (mother 44),
Jobe (son 10), John (son 14) and Eliza (daughter aged 3mths)
SHAW John (b.1825 to Isaac and Jane), from Ilkeston, Derby
SIBLEY / SELBY Jane nee LAKE (b.1812) - wife of William, from Dover
SIBLEY / SELBY Thomas (b.1818 to John and Catherine), and wife, from Nottingham
SIBLEY / SELBY, Louise nee DE SOMBRE (b.1822 to Antoine), from Calais - wife of Thomas
SMITH John (b.1807), wife and children (listed separately)
SMITH Elizabeth nee SHAW (b.1811 to Isaac and Jane), from Ilkeston, Derby
SMITH Mary Ann (b.1829 to John and Elizabeth)
SMITH Martha (b.1843), from Calais
SMITH Thomas (b.1844), from Calais
SMITH Louisa (b.1847), from Calais
STREET Thomas (b.1809), wife and 4 children (listed separately), from Derby
STREET Emma nee HOLMES (b.1814 to George and Hannah), from Attenborough
STREET John (b.1836)
STREET George (b.1841)
STREET Mary (b.1843)
STREET (b.1845)
The 1831 Census ( Saint-Pierre, France) listed Francis STUBBS (lacemaker, father, 29), wife Flora nee PEET (mother 29),
Thomas (son 7), Francis (son 5), Mary Eliza (daughter 3), Robert Henry (son 1) and Matilde (sister 18)
STUBBS William (b.1806 to Robert and Mary) and wife
STUBBS Elizabeth nee HOPKINS (b.1801 to Humphrey and Sarah)
STUBBS Robert Henry
STUBBS Francis Green (b.1826 to Francis and Flora), from Calais
STUBBS Edward (b.1832 to Francis and Flora)
SUMNER George (b.1799 Thomas), wife and 4 children (listed separately), from Nottingham
SUMNER Mary nee KIRK (b.1803 to Joseph and Martha), from Caythorpe, Notts
SUMNER Elizabeth (b.1830), from Nottingham
SUMNER Hannah (b.1835) , from Nottingham
SUMNER Jane Anne (b.1837), from Nottingham
SWEENEY John (b.1802, widower) - wife possibly Mary Ann
SWEENEY Mary Anne (b.1833 to John and Mary Anne), from France
SWEENEY Therese (b.1832 to John and Mary Anne)
TAYLOR Robert)
WATTS Henry (b.1828 to William and Fanny), from Quorndon, Leics
WELLS Walter (b.1803 to Walter and Jane), wife and 7 children (listed separately)
WELLS Sophie nee BASFORD (b.1801 to John and Rachel), from Loughborough, Leics
WELLS William (b.1830)
WELLS John (b.1833), from Calais
WELLS Edward (b.1835)
WELLS Walter (b.1836)
WELLS Eliza (b.1839)
WELLS Caroline (b.1842)
WELLS Robert (b.1847), from Calais
WELLS, Henry (listed in SA REGISTER)
WELLS Thomas (b.1803 to Edward and Sarah), wife and 10 children (listed separately), from Nottingham
WELLS Sarah nee CRESWELL (b.1815 to David and Rebecca), from Nottingham
WELLS Richard (b.1829), from Caen, France
WELLS Thomas (b.1831), from Normandy
WELLS Rebecca (b.1833), from Caen, France
WELLS Sarah (b.1834), from Le Havre, France
WELLS Emma (b.1836), from France
WELLS William (b.1839), from France
WELLS John (b.1841), from Calais
WELLS James (b.1843), from Calais
WELLS Anne (b.1845), from Calais
WELLS Elizabeth (b.1848), from Calais
WIDDERSON / WIDDISON Thomas (b.1810 to William and Mary), wife and 6 children (listed separately), from Radcliffe on Trent
WIDDERSON / WIDDISON Emma nee JACKSON (b.1817 to Jonathon and Sarah), from Nottingham
WIDDERSON / WIDDISON Jonathon (b.1835), from Lenton, Notts
WIDDERSON / WIDDISON Elizabeth (b.1839)
WIDDERSON / WIDDISON Mary Anne (b.1841)
WIDDERSON / WIDDISON Ellen (b.1844 Calais)

The HARPLEY made several voyages from London to Australia - this voyage (arrived Adelaide September 2nd, 1848)
another trip in 1849 (arrived Adelaide December 26th, 1849), and again in 1851 (arrived Adelaide January 15th 1851)
The HARPLEY also made at least two voyages to Launceston, in 1848 and 1852. She made a further voyage to Melbourne in 1853.
In 1862 The HARPLEY broke up on the bar of Realejo Harbour, Canary Islands.
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