The Navarino was a 464 ton 3 masted barque, built in 1808 for T. Ward of London.
By 1848 owned by G. Marshall of London.
116' long, 29'9" wide with 5'9" height between decks
Previously used in 1841 and 1843 as a convict transport ship.

Captain R.C. Paige sailed from London 15th July and
Plymouth 3rd August and arrived at Adelaide 10 November 1848.
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BERRY, C. J. Mr - cabin ANSELL, Mr - (Intermediate)
CONSTABLE, Henry - cabin BRETTINGHAM, E. Mr - (Intermediate)
FRANCE, Miss - cabin ELY, A.L. Mr - (Intermediate)
FRANCE, Mr and Mrs and four children - cabin HORTSLET, J.L. Mr - (Intermediate)
MILLER, J. Mr - cabin OEILOR, Mr - intermediate
SIMPSON, W. Mr - cabin SHANKLIN, Mr - (Intermediate)
WALKER, J. W. (Surgeon-Superintendent) - cabin WATSON,, John Mr - (Intermediate)


  Reference: In a 1988 publication, "Migrant ships to South Australia 1836-1860" by Ronald PARSONS,
  it is asserted that "the 200 steerage passengers [aboard the Navarino which arrived Adelaide on 10 November 1848]
  were the first ordinary migrants to South Australia who paid their own fare and did not apply to the emigration authorities
   for an assisted passage". (Page 108)