PAULINE departed from Bremen on November 21, 1847 under the command of Captain L Steljes, and arrived Port Adelaide on March 31, 1848 with 68 passengers.

The following Passenger was transcribed by Di Cummings from a copy of the original passenger list.

BEYER, Augustus (41, organist) from Hamburg - cabin
BEYER, Margaret 38 from Hamburg (wife of Augustus) - cabin
BEYER, Louisa 15 - daughter of Augustus - cabin
BEYER, Augustus 13 - son of Augustus - cabin
BEYER, Teresa 10 - daughter of Augustus - cabin
BEYER, Henry 6 - son of Augustus - cabin
BEYER, Francis 3 - son of Augustus - cabin
LEVINS, Miss Maria 21 - cabin
The BEYERS are a very respectable family with capital intending to found a settlement,
    and will be followed by several families.
    Miss LEVINS, a young lady of respectability, accompanied the family

AHREND, August - Surgeon from Hamburg
BASEDOW, Frederick 18 - schoolmaster from Hamburg
BESELER, Frederick 39 - shoemaker from Mecklenburg
BESELER, Luella 39 from Mecklenburg (wife of Frederick)
BESELER, Edward 9, George, John, Maria and Augusta 1
BOSENBERG, Augustus 27 - baker from Hanover
BURMESTAR, Heine (Henry) 30 - coachman from Hamburg
CORNELIUS, Dr Frederick 24 - physician
ECKHOLD, Frederick 45 - potter from Thuringia
ECKHOLD, Julia 34 - Midwife (wife of Frederick)
ECKHOLD, Ferdinand 13 (son of Frederick)
ECKHOLD, William 11 (son of Frederick)
ECKHOLD, Julius 8 (son of Frederick)
ECKHOLD, Hermann 4 (son of Frederick)
ECKHOLD, Ewina 2 (daughter of Frederick)
    ECKHOLD can also manufacture Porcellain and Glaze
    from a great branch of his native town of Frankenhaussen.

FINKE, Joseph 45 - blacksmith from Westphalia
FINKE, John b.1837
FINKE, Henry b.1838
FINKE, Christopher b.1840
FINKE, Gertrude b.1846

SA REGISTER List - transcribed by Malcolm Frost
GROVERMANN, Alexander 40 - farmer from Holstein
GROVERMANN, Jane 42 (wife of Alexander)
GROVERMANN, Charlotte 12 (daughter of Alexander)
GROVERMANN, Sophia 11 (daughter of Alexander)
GROVERMANN, William 8 (son of Alexander)
GROVERMANN, Louisa 4 (daughter of Alexander)
GROVERMANN, Dorothea 4 (daughter of Alexander)
GROVERMANN, Albert 2 (son of Alexander)
GROVERMANN, George 1 (son of Alexander)
    The GROVERMANN family were forced by reduced circumstances to take steerage passage.
    They will be an excellent acquisition to the colony and are well connected

HAGER, Edward 40 - farmer from Dresden
HANUSCHKE, Henry 26 - cabinetmaker from Leipniz
HAVERLAND, George 34 - tailor from Mecklenburg
HAVERLAND, Lisette 29 (wife of George) and three children
HEWELKE, Robert 24 - farmer - cabin
HOFMANN, Godfred 26 - assistant gardener from Dresden
KELLER, G. 40 - cabinetmaker from Hamburg
KRACKE, Charles 23 - winecooper from Hanover
LEONHARDI, Otto 25 - farmer from Mecklenburg
MEYER, Augustus 24 - clerk from Rostock
OFFE, Claus 37 - tinman from Holstein
POLACK, George 27 - watchmaker from Hamburg
VICKE, Charles 39 - shoemaker from Mecklenburg
VICKE Mrs and two children
WENKENWERDER, Charles 28 - farmer from Mecklenburg
WEIDENBACH, Ferdinand Moritz (Maurice) 30 from Dresden
    Indendent of the Royal Gardens at Dresden and Vintages
WEIDENBACH, Augusta 24, wife of Ferdinand from Dresden
WEIDENBACH, Max 12 (son of Ferdinand Moritz)
    some records incorrectly say "born 1847"
WEIDENBACH, Benno 4 (born 1843 son of Ferdinand Moritz),
WEIDENBACH, Ann 3 (daughter of Ferdinand Moritz)
    some records incorrectly say "born on the voyage"
WIRBBE, H.W. 23 - farmer from Hamburg