from London via Plymouth - Captain Younghusband, arrived Port Adelaide on 14-06-1848

The South Australian REGISTER (June 17, 1848) reported:
The most important of the arrivals announced is the PRINCESS ROYAL, with five cabin passengers and 249 free emigrants, under the superintendence of Dr. Chalmers.
No deaths occurred during the voyage, although there was some sickness. Eight ocean children were born on board.

"We do not hear the best of characters of some of the emigrants, and judging from the following well-authenticated communication, we should say that the Emigration Commissioners or their agents had failed to exercise that discretion they propose to use in the selection of emigrants of good character only."

Gentlemen - The following facts may possess some public interest. The emigrant ship Princess Royale, just arrived, has brought to our shores four females who were sent on board by the authorities of an English Workhouse, apparently because they could not be controlled in the establishment. It was necessary during the voyage, to keep these women separate from the others by a partition round their sleeping place, but this they quickly destroyed, and behaved in the grossest manner possible. We are ready and willing to receive multitudes of the starving and suffering millions of Breat Britian and Ireland; but I presume the colonists are not prepared to welcome a selection of the worst inmates of the Workhouse.
My authority for this statement is the best that could be obtained. I enclose the gentleman's name as well as my own. I am, Gentlemen, .....

The PRINCESS ROYALE next came to South Australia from Hobart Town with Captain Cairnecross, arriving December 1st 1848 (no passengers reported).

This ship then made a voyage to Hong Kong from Port Adelaide, and on her return was wrecked on February 24th 1849 at Port Phillip Heads, Victoria.