The BOLTON 1849

from London 9 - 08 1849 via Plymouth - Captain J.H. Young,
Arrived Port Adelaide on Saturday November 29th, 1849

It was reported that the BOLTON went on to California.

BOLTON passengers saw the GLEN HUNTLY (one of the Marshall and Edridge's ships)
arrive in Adelaide on December 3rd, 1849.

EDWARD SNELL wrote and illustrated
a wonderful diary of this voyage

It is available at the State Library
Melbourne (Australia).

Edward Snell's Notes on Passengers:
Edw. Snell - "had a row with a yankee who called me a liar - ending in him apologising for doing so, and I apologised for hitting him".
Another row - bewteen Shoppee and Sherwood who fought but did no damage (Shoppee being drunk, and Sherwood no fighter)
Alfred Gough wore glasses and was referred to as Lord Gough in the diary
The Braithwaits and Cassidy - some fast going men who think it rather the 'thing' to annoy the other passengers, and are continually drunk.
Amongst the passengers there are only a few I feel respect for, including William Edwards (a farmer going on to settle in Port Phillip),
Frances Adams (an unmarried Merchant Captain), and the ladies Biddons,

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