from London via Plymouth - Captain Jacob W. Smith, arrived Port Adelaide on 7-04-1849

with Dr Weymouth in the Cabin and 236 immigrants in the steerage.
The DAVID MALCOLM made a number of voyages to South Australia.
The arrival dates for each these emigrant transportations to South Australia were listed as follows:
January 23 1847,   March 23 1848,   April 7 1849,   June 4th, 1849 (from Launceston - no passengers listed), January 4 1854,   and April 30 1855.
There is evidence to suggest that the Semaphore anchorage was initially used during these visits,
particularly for the 1848 visit. The DAVID MALCOLM also conveyed early migrants to New Zealand

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Passenger Information from the South Australian REGISTER, and for comparision - the list from The South Australian Maritime Museum.