from London 19 - 08 1849 via Plymouth - Captain R. Barr, arrived Port Adelaide on December 2nd, 1849. Brought out 27 Welsh smelters (reported to be decent fellows).

  BIRLEY, Chas. Esq. - cabin  THOMAS, John and lady - cabin
  ABBOTT, George and wife   JENKINS, John and wife and 2 children
  ABBOTT, 5 children (one died on voyage)  JENKINS, William and wife and 6 children
  ASH, Henry and wife and child  JOHNS / JOHN, and wife and 3 children
  BAKER, Hannah and child  JONES, Evan and wife and child
  BARTON, Elizabeth  JONES, George E and wife
  BAY, Martin  LAMERE, Mr
  BENNETT, Elizabeth  LAMERE, Mr J W
  BENYON, Thomas and wise and 3 children  LANE, Mary and 3 children
  BEVANS, John   LANGSFOLD, William and wife and 3 children
  BIPETS, George and wife and child  LEWIS, John
  BONNEY, Edward and wife  LEWIS, Mrs and child
  BROWN, Eliza  LEWIS, William
  BUCHANAN, Mr and 3 children  LOWE, Gustavas and 5 children
  BURT, Thomas  MABEY, Charles
  CALBERT, William  MARSHALL, John
  CAMERON, Angus  MARSHALL, John and wife and 2 children
  CAMERON, John   MARTIN, Michael and 6 children
  CGILOLE, James   MORGAN, Wm and wife (infant child died on voyage)
  DAVID, David and wife  MORRIS, Thomas and wife and 6 children
  DAVIS, David  NEWBERRY, James
  DENNY, Elizabeth and child  PITT, 5 children (one died on voyage)
  DODRIDGE, Thomas  PITT, James and wife a
  EASTEN, Mary  POPOCK / ROCOCK, Elizabeth
  EDRIDGE, Richard  PROSSER, Edward and wife
  EVAN, David  PROUT, John
  EVANS, Anthony  PROWSE, 5 children (on died and one born on voyage)
  EVANS, David and wife and 2 children  PROWSE, Thomas and wife
  FANNING, Henry and wife  SAVAGE, Ann and child
  FORSHALL, F H  SEARLE, William and wife and child
  FRANCIS, David and wife and child  SMITH, Joseph and wife and 3 children
  FRANCIS, Griffith and wife and child  STEPHENS, James and wife and child
  FURNESS, Thomas  STYLES, George and wife 9 children (one died on voyage)
  GARSON, J and wife  THOMAS, Henry and wife and child
  GIBSON, John  THOMAS, John and wife
  HAMMERSLY, John  THOMAS, John and wife and 2 children
  HARRIS, Hopkin and wife  THOMAS, John and wife and 4 children (one born at sea)
  HARRIS, John and wife and 3 children  TUCKER, Alexander
  HARROLD, William and wife  TUFTEN, James
  HAYNES, Thomas and wife and child  WALLIS, Charles W
  HEATHCOTE, Mr and wife - from Swindon  WEAVER, Alfred B.
  HOPKINS, David and wife and 5 children  WILKS, Thomas and wife and 5 children
  HUGHES, Thomas  YANDAL, Thomas and wife