The barque 380 tons, departed London September 15th, 1848 with Captain Hill, and arrived Adelaide on Wednesday, January 17th 1849

SA REGISTER Passenger List for JOHN WOODALL 1849


    Cargo of the John Woodall, 11 cases drapery and cloth ing, S. Hart; 472 bars 196 bundles iron, Beck & Co.; 1 case, Shadgett; 2 cases, J. Small;
    10,600 bricks, 121 tons coals, 4 tons clay, 200 pipes lead, 2 boxes, 86 pkgs. Castings, 8 crates, G. S. Walters; 5 pkgs., Government; 4 bales, A. L. Elder;
    Order; 15 pkgs., 3 cases 3 casks, J. Roberts; 1 case, Rev. J. Long; 2 cases, Acraman & Co.; 1 case, J. Richmond; 2 bales, J. Gilbert; 1 case, T. Wilson;
    110 cases, P. D. Valrent; 12 bales, 1 box, A. Scott; 1 box, Dutton; 20 crates, 1 case, Montefiore & Co.

    The "HALCYON" departed Adelaide on January 31st 1849 bound for Melbourne with the Cole families and several other passengers off the JOHN WOODALL.
    Guy COLE 79, and wife Martha nee Gearing. They already had family in Victoria. Guy Cole died 1953, Merri Creek, Vic.
    Robert COLE, Elizabeth nee Webster, Ellen Elizabeth 6, Martha Ann 4, Mary Charlotte 3, Emma (infant). and William Henry COLE.

    J. M. K. AITKEN and wife and four children.
    George BARTLETT, and wife.
    George ROBINSON.
    Mrs and two children TAYLOR - Cabin
    Robert THOMPSON.

SOURCES: South Australian REGISTER newspaper, South Australian Maritime Museum, Diane Cole and John Kimber.