ASIA 1850

from Plymouth 24 - 10 1849 with Captain Roskell.

She called at Madiera to land the passengers and crew off the PANDORA Steamer
as it sank in Bay of Biscay.
The ASIA was detained there for 5-6 days for quarantine.

She arrived Port Adelaide on February 18, 1850 with 2063 Newspapers.

   BARKER, and Mrs    HODSON, Edward
   BROADRILL, Charles    JEFFREY, Mary Miss
   BROMLEY, Harriet Miss    JOHNSON, Edward
   BROWN, James    MARKHILL, Arthur
   BROWN, William    MATTHEWS, Charles and 3 children
   CARPENTER, George    McKECKNEY, Thomas R. (McKechnie Thomas Roberts died Dec 7, consumption)
   CRABB, and Mrs, 4 children    ROWED, Richard
   DOSWELL, and Mrs, 3 children    ROWED, William
   DUTTON, Mrs and 3 children    SALTER, Frederic R.
   EDWARD, Sunter    SMITH, Cornelius
   ELLISTON, Frederick    SUNTER, Isabella Miss
   FINNIS, William    WHITTON, Robert
   FRANCIS, Sarah A. Mrs    WILLIMOTT, William Charles
   HARRIS, Caroline Miss    YATEMAN, Henry

HAWKES, Fanny - died Jan 13th 1849 of effusion on the brain. She and her parents were on their way to Port Phillip, Vic.
MUMBY, Mary Jane - died Nov 23rd 1849 of mesenteric disease. She and her parents were on their way to Port Phillip, Vic.
BONIFANT, Thomas (crew member) drowned Dec 30th 1849

A Diary written by James Broom - an emigrant on the Asia's voyage from Plymouth to Adelaide, was published by the Wotton-under-Edge Hist. Society
(ISBN 0-9548895-0-9, Wotton Heritage Trading Company). Research is ongoing into the identity of the diarist and other passengers and crew.