The barque BOYNE 1850, 521 tons

from London 9 - 03 1850 via Plymouth 25/3/1850- Captain W. Sabiston, arrived Port Adelaide on 13-07-1850

The barque BOYNE, under the command of Captain Sabiston, arrived on Saturday evening with 130 passengers and a valuable cargo. The commander is mentioned in terms of high commendation by the passengers in general; but of another important office we deeply regret to state that it appears that Mr Bell, the doctor appointed to the BOYNE, was under the serious charge of having grossly misconducted himself on the voyage. Some time previous to May 6th,the doctor's misconduct appears to have been so notorious on board the BOYNE, and at length the following petition was drawn up and presented to the Captain:-
To Captain Sabiston,
Sir we, the undersigned passengers on board the above mentioned vessel, now on our passage to Australia, anxious for our moral and personal welfare, and aware of your responsibility as commander of the vessel, beg leave to lay before you the following statement.

That Mr Bell, by his conduct, has rendered himself unfit to discharge his duties as surgeon of this ship, as the following authenticated facts will prove :-
1st. That he has asserted, in the hearing of several of the passengers, his having had criminal intercource with a respectable female passenger.
2nd. That he has been overheard using the most obscene language to the female passengers.
3rd. That he has endeavoured to induce one of the female passengers to make an assignation with him, whilst the rest of the passengers were engaged in prayer.
4th. That he has frequently been seen intoxicated between decks, and is in the habit of carrying firearms about his person.
If, therefore the above charges are, on investigation, proved to your satisfaction, we respectfully yet firmly insist on the suspension of Mr Bell as surgeon of this ship, and that the medicine chest be forthwith taken from under his charge.

This petition, having received the signatures of fifty-four passengers, a court of inquiry was held by the Captain on May 6th. The result of the inquiry was a declaration that the charges against Mr Bell were fully proved, and a determination to deprive him of his appointment, in which he was superceded by Mr Randall, a medical gentleman, who was prevailed on by his fellow passengers to undertake the charge.
The result of the examination (which occupied a considerable time) was duly entered in to the log book of the ship; and we believe it is Captain Sabiston's intention to prefer a charge against the cashiered doctor this day, in the Police Court at Port Adelaide.

Although some rough weather was experienced, especially on June 5th, only one death occurred on the voyage. The BOYNE, early in the morning of June 5th, was pooped twice - there being a very heavy sea on. She lost her lifeboat, and the sea breaking through the cabin windows, did considerable damage, carrying away hear dead lights, washing two men from the wheel, of which two spokes were broken, and breaking the leg of a saillor named John Norman, besides injuring the arm of another saailor named Appleby. It will be seen, on reference to our extract from the manifest, that the cargo is comprised of various machines, mining implements, and stores for the Australian Mining Company, and 351 pipes consigned "to the Officer administering the Government".

PASSENGERS: South Australian REGISTER - Passenger List

NICHOLLS, Mr Esq. - cabin
NICHOLLS, Mrs and 6 children - cabin
BUCK, Mr and wife - cabin
ANDREWS, Mr John and wife
AVELING, Mr Robert
BEAN, John
BOND, Frederick Dennant and wife
BOUCHER, William
BROU, William
BUCK, Mary
CAMERON, James and wife and 6 children
COOPER, George and wife and 2 children
COXON, William and wife and daughter
DIGGINS, William
DODD, John
DODD, Mr Robert
DONSPEAD, John and wife and child
ELLIOTT, John and wife and 4 children
EVANS, William
FRASER, Charles
GREEN, Alfred and wife
HARRY, Henry
HARVEY, William and wife
HITCHCOCK, Thomas and wife and child
HULL, John
JACKSON, Samuel and wife
KERY, George and wife and 5 children
LOGNE, Edward
MacSTEWART, Henry and wife
MANDER, Henry and wife and child
MARCH, Charles and wife
MARRY, Jessie
MAYRICK, Thomas and 9 children
MERTON, William
NEWELL, Edwin and wife
NEWMAN, Francis and wife and child
PERRIN, Henry and William
RANDALL, Dr. Henry and wife and three children
RIDLEY, John and wife and 2 children
RUDD, Henry and wife and 4 children
SCHICHT, Charles
SCHICHT, William
STRATTAN, William and wife
TOD, Robert
TROLLOP, William
WELL, Maria
WILCOCK, John and wife and daughter