from London 19 - 04 1850 via Isle of Wight 21/4/1850 with Captain W.T. Cubitt, arrived Port Adelaide on 9-08-1850.
The ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS reported they have published a handsome illustration of this fine ship (Mitchell Library Picture Section, State Library of New South Wales).

The SA REGISTER (August 3rd 1850) reported: "Among the passengers on board the Duke of Portland
we have the pleasure of welcoming Mr H. S. Hulkes Esq., who has returned to the colony."
An additional report on this voyage can be seen below.

  South Australian REGISTER Newspaper   http://www.theshipslist.com/ships/australia/dukeofportland1850.htm
  COUSINS, C. surgeon-superintendant - Cabin   
  CUBITT, Mrs. - Cabin   Mrs. Cubitt
  CUMMING, Miss H. - Cabin   Miss H. Cumming
  DODD, Miss Ann - Cabin   Miss Ann Dodd
  HULKES, Henry Stephen Esq. (returning to the Colony) - Cabin   
  HULKES, Mrs. - Cabin   Mrs. Hulkes
  JOHNSON, Mr. E. - Cabin   Mr. E. Johnson
  McLEOD, Mr. H. - Cabin   Mr. H. McLeod
  MEAD, Mr. R.C. & Miss - Cabin   Mr. R.C. & Miss Mead
  STILLMAN, Mr A - Cabin   Mrs. A Stillman
  ZABELL, F.W. Esq. - Cabin   F.W. Zabell Esq.
  ZABELL, Mrs - Cabin   
  South Australian REGISTER Newspaper   http://www.theshipslist.com/ships/australia/dukeofportland1850.htm
  ALCHIN, Anthony, b.1834 KEN ENG,   Anthony Allchin
  BEAUMONT, E. & wife   E. Beaumont & wife
  BEAUMONT, Sarah   Sarah Beaumont
  BEAZLEY, E.W.   E.W. Beazley
  BEHAM, William & wife   William Beham [?] & wife
  BENHAM, W.   W. Benham
  BENNETT, James   James Bennett
  BIGGINGS, W.   W. Biggings
  BILHAM, J. wife and five children   J. Bilham, wife and five children
  BOX, J.H. wife & three children   J.H. Box, wife & three children
  BRACKETT, C.E.   C.E. Brackett
  BROOKES, E.   E. Brookes
  BROWN, G. wife & four children   G. Brown, wife & four children
  BUTCHER, A.F.   A.F. Butcher
  BUTCHER, W.   W. Butcher
  CANADAN, C.   C. Canadan
  CLARKE, Thomas   Thomas Clarke
  CONSTABLE, A.   A. Constable
  CONSTABLE, Mary Constable   Mary Constable
  CROPLEY, J.   J. Cropley
  CROPLEY, M.C.   M.C. Cropley
  CROPLEY, S.   S. Cropley
  EDWARDS, S.L. wife & two children   S.J. Edwards, wife & two children
  EDWARDS, Edward   Edward Edwards
  FAVELL, H   
  FAVELL, E   E. Favell
  FAVELL, Elizabeth   Elizabeth Favell
  FAVELL, J.(x 2)   J. Favell
  FAVELL, G   J. Favell
  FAVELL, Sarah   Sarah Favell
  FITZGERALD, J.   J. Fitzgerald
  FOWLER, E.   E. Fowler
  FRIEND, Maria   Maria Friend
  GROSMYTH, S.   S. Grosmyth
  HAGUE, Agnes, Joseph & Sarah (a Miss Hague died July 4th on voyage)   Agnes, Joseph & Sarah Hague
  HALL, R.   R. Hall
  HALL, W.   W. Hall
  HARLEY, G.   G. Harley
  HURRY, John wife & five children,   John Hurry, wife & five children,
  HURRY, Miss H.   Miss H. Hurry
  JOHNSON, A.M. (a Mrs Johnson died June 29th on voyage)   A.M. Johnson
  JOHNSON, Anne   Ann Johnson
  KELEY, J   
  MALONY, P.   P. Malony
  MATTHEWS, Mr. & Mrs.   Mr. & Mrs. Matthews
  MATTHEWS, T.H, J.W. & J. H.   T.H, J.W. & J. H. Matthews
  MEANE, A.   A. Meane
  REECE, D.   D. Reece
  RICHARD, John   John Richard
  SAND, R. wife & five children   R. Sand, wife & five children
  SMITH, G.   G. Smith
  STELLMAN, Arthur   Arthur Stellman
  THEOBALD, Ellis & wife   Ellis Theobald & wife
  THEOBALD, Gamaliel & wife   
  THEOBALD, H., M., M., N. & C.   H., M., M., N. & C. Theobald
  TRUSCOTT, A.C.   A.C. Truscott
  TURNER, W.J.   W.J. Turner
  WEBB, J.   J. Webb
  YOUNG, H.   H. Young
  NEEDLEWOMEN listed in South Australian REGISTER Newspaper   NEEDLEWOMEN - http://www.theshipslist.com/ships/australia/dukeofportland1850.htm
  ATKINS, Ann   Ann Atkins
  BAILEY, Frances Maria   Frances Maria Bailey
  BARRY, Mary   Mary Barry
  BATES, Ellen 30 a needlewoman   
  BEACON, Mary Ann   Mary Ann Beacon
  BERRY, Bridget   Bridget Berry
  BIGGINS, Sarah 21 dressmaker
      recommended by Rev G Capel of Marylebone
  Sarah Biggins
  BUSBY, Mary   Mary Busby
  CHALKLIN, Eliza 26 a servant   Eliza Chalkin
  CHANDLER, Ann   Ann Chandler
  COLLINS, Amelia   Amelia Collins
  COLLINS, Ellen   Ellen Collins
  CROWLEY, Ellen   Ellen Crowley
  DOWNEY, Mary   Mary Downey
  DUTY, Margaret   Margaret Duty
  DYER, Amelia 28 dressmaker strongly recommended by her pastor and other persons
      (sub-matron on voyage)
  GLEESON, Frances Mary 16 lately in Orphan School Dublin
      - good testimonials (from Corfu - born c.1834 possibly at sea)
  Frances M. Gleeson
  GREEN, Catherine   Catherine Green
  HAGERTY, Mary   Mary Hagerty
  HEFFERAN, Mary   Mary Hefferan
  HEWRETT / HEWETT, Charlotte 26 staymaker recommended by her employer   Charlotte Hewett
  LEE, Mary Ann   Mary Ann Lee
  LEE, Mary Ann 25 servant   
  LEON, Mary   Mary Leon
  LIDDAU / LIDDAN, Fanny   Fanny Liddau / Liddan
  LONDON / LOWDEN, Elizabeth 19 dressmaker well recommended   Elizabeth Lowden
  MANLY, Ellen   Ellen Manly
  MONIS / MORRIS, Elizabeth   Elizabeth Monis / Morris
  MOURITZ / MAURITZ, Ann 33 needlework   Ann Mauritz
  MULLINS, Jane   Jane Mullins
  PAUL, Isabella 17 servant   Isabella Paul
  RIGBY / RIGGAN, Ellen Emma 31 Governess accomplished,
    recommended by the Bishop of Hereford
  Ann Riggau / Riggan
  RIGBY, Ellen Emma   Ellen Emma Rigby
  SERCOMBE [JERCOMBE], Eliza 38 Sempstress mother of Mary   Eliza Jercombe
  SERCOMBE [JERCOMBE], Mary Gifford 19 Sempstress daughter of Eliza   Mary Gilford [Jercombe]
  THOMAS, Eliza   Eliza Thomas
  THOMAS, Susannah   Susannah Thomas
  TIFFIN [Jercombe] , Catherine 20 needlework   [Jercombe] Catherine Tiffin
  WALKER, Maria   Maria Walker
  WORRILL, Ann Maria   


The ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS reported "Emigration has now become like a great and rapid stream which hurries along its course bringing a very miscellaneous assemblage of interests. The passengers (emigrants) were of very different ranks and degrees. Among them an unusual number of that class called 'respectable' in whose dress and general aspect on had to seek some other cause than pressing poverty for the long voyage, and the new and uncertain future on which they were venturing. Among these there were leave-takings; and on the part of friends returning on shore were tokens of sorrow.

The DUKE OF PORTLAND also brings the third instalment, to the number of sixty, of that female emigration so nobly planned and carried forward by the Hon. Mr Sidney Herbert. They were described by a Gravesend boatswain as "a parcel o'needlewomen" . These boarded on Monday afternoon, accompanied by Mr S Herbert and a few gentlemen interested in their welfare, and placed under the charge of sub-matron Amelia DYER. The spacious cabin in which the poor needlewomen were speedily assembled, mustered and arranged, presented a strange and interesting. The noble hearted and high-born promoter of the emigration plan, the clergy and others employed in superintending the arrangements, the emigrants themselves sitting in quiet order with their looks of cheerful hope, all combined to form a scene characteristic of our time.

Others among the emigrants were sent out in a like manner by means of funds charitably raised among a few individuals. We observed a clergyman taking leave of some of the poor of this great city, who owed their bettered prospects to his exertions. Others of the clergy were also bidding adieu to members of their flocks.

The DUKE OF PORTLAND is a very fine ship and she and here commander, Captain Cubitt, appear to understand making quick voyages. The spiritual interests of the emigrants, and of their children, will not be uncared for, as besides a good supply of books placed on board by Mr S. Herbert and those associated with him, the ship is provided with a 'religious instructor' accredited to his mission on the voyage by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts'.

The SA REGISTER (August 3rd 1850) reported: It was intended that the destination for the 63 young women was Port Phillip Bay. However, Mr Beham, the religious instructor under whose guardianship they were placed, has the power to facilite these 60 women being landed here, if sufficient favourable opportunities of employment can be obtained for them in Adelaide.
NOTE: Forty of these needlewomen found employment in Adelaide. The Mortlock Library at Adelaide has a list of these passengers and who employed them.
The remainder of these women travelled on to Port Phillip (two of whom left the ship without their luggage and "were seen no more").

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Image 1: Emigrant Needlewomen;           Image 2: Inside the Emigrant ship;           Image 3: Emigrant Ship - Muster.