STAG 1850

from London 22 - 02 1850 with Captain J. Baker, arrived Port Adelaide on 11-06-1850
SA REGISTER reported on June 12th, 1850: The STAG arrived after her short passage in splendid order,
and seems to be in every resprect one of the gems among our arrivals.

The South Australian REGISTER reported there were seven deaths: one woman of sea sickness, and six children, and three children born on this voyage.

  SA REGISTER Newspaper
  BROOKS, Mr and Mrs and three children, - Cabin   BROOKS, Mr. and Mrs. and three children - cabin
  MINCHIN, H. Mr - Cabin   MINCHIN, Mr. H. - cabin
  MINCHIN, Richards Mr - Cabin   MINCHIN, Mr. Richard - cabin
  THOMSON, William Esq. (surgeon-superintendant), - Cabin   THOMPSON, W. Esq. Surgeon, - cabin
  ADAMS, Abel and wife child,   ADAMS, Abel 28 Joiner from Dorset
     ADAMS, Mary 31 (wife of Abel)
     ADAMS, James 6
     ADAMS, Charles 2
     BACK, Frederick 21 Farm Labourer from Sussex
     BACK, John R. 24 Farm Labourer from Sussex
  BAKER, W   BAKER, William 19 Mason from Devon
     BALL, Thomas 21 Farm Labourer from Devon
  BARGE, Jane   
  BEAZLEY, J and wife and three children,   BEAZLEY / BEASLEY, John 41 Miner from Devon
     BEAZLEY / BEASLEY, Ann 41 (wife of John)
     BEAZLEY / BEASLEY, Eliza A. 14
     BEAZLEY / BEASLEY, John R. 4
     BEAZLEY / BEASLEY, Mary A. 1
  BELL, T   
  BIRD, Mary   BIRD, Mary A. 17 Domestic Servant from Devon
     BISHOP, John 33 Farm Labourer from Worcester
     BISHOP, Sarah 34 (wife of John)
     BLAKER, Elizabeth 25 Domestic Servant from Hampshire
  BOADEN, John b. 1828 Cornwall   BOADEN, John 46 Farmer from Cornwall
     BOADEN, Jane 43 (wife of John)
     BOADEN, John 20
     BOADEN, Nicholas 18
     BOADEN, Alfred 15
     BOADEN, James 10
     BOADEN, Ann 3 died at sea
  BORDER, J and wife and five children,   
     BOXALL, Charles 18 Farm Servant from Surrey
     BOXALL, James 20 Farm Servant from Surrey
  BRADY, C   BRADY, Thomas 19 Farm Servant from Dublin
  BRISSONS, W and wife and two children,   
     BROADBENT, Caleb 29 Miller from Yorkshire
  BROOK, Philip   
  BROWNE, M and wife and two children,   
     BURGE, Jane 22 Domestic Servant from Dorset
  BURNETT, T.   BURNETT, Thomas 19 Groom from Somerset
  BYRNE, Catherine   BYRNE, Catherine 20 Domestic Servant from Dublin
     CAMPBELL, Donald 31 Groom from North Scotland
     CAPEL, Emily 19 Domestic Servant from Essex
  CAREW, D and wife and five children,   CAREW, Daniel 33 Farm Servant from Tipperary
     CAREW, Judy 34 (wife of Daniel)
     CAREW, John 14
     CAREW, Mary 12
     CAREW, Ellen 10
     CAREW, James 8
     CAREW, Ann 5
  CASSIDY, J.   CASSIDY, Joseph 19 Farm Servant from Dublin
     CASSIDY, William 22 Farm Servant from Dublin
     CASSIDY, Elizabeth 21 (wife of William)
     CASSIDY, Rachel 5 (daughter of William)
     CASSIDY, Joseph 2 (son of William)
  CAYSER, H   CAYZER / KAYZER, Henry 24 Farm Servant from Cornwall
  CHEERS, J   CHEEN, John 20 Farm Servant from Somerset
  CHILCOCK, -- and wife and two children,   CHILLCOTT, Mary 40 Domestic Servant
     CHILLCOTT, Hannah 19 Servant
     CHILLCOTT, Henry 14
     CHILLCOTT, Jane 11
     CLARKE, George 31 Farm Labourer from Northampton
     CLARKE, Hannah 29 (wife of George)
     CLARKE, John 5
     CLARKE, Sarah H. 2
  CLIFF, H and wife and five children,   CLIFF, Henry 24 Farm Servant from Ruthlands
     CLIFF, Ann (nee Clarke) 28 wife of Henry
     CLIFF, Henry 1
     CLIFF, William 21 Farm Servant from Ruthlands
     CLIFF, Alice (nee Burdett) 25 - wife of William
     CLIFF, Edward 1
  COCK, W H   COCK, William Henry 18 Farm Servant from Cornwall
  COLLINS, Mary, Joseph, and Henry   COLLINS, Henry 18 Farm Servant from Cornwall
     COLLINS, Joseph 20 Farm Servant from Cornwall
     COLLINS, Mary 22 Domestic Servant from Cornwall
  CRARKEE, Eliza   CRAIGEE, Eliza 25 Domestic Servant from Devon
     CROOK, Phillip 25 Farm Servant from Devon
     CROWHURST, William 18 Farm Labourer from Surrey
     DAVEY, Charles 30 Farm Labourer from Norfolk
     DAVEY, Mary 28 (wife of Charles)
     DAVEY, Maria 1 (daughter of Charles)
     DAVEY, Charles 21 Farm Servant from Norfolk
     DAVEY, Robert 25 Farm Servant from Norfolk
  DAVIS, E and wife,   DAVIES / DAVIS, Eli 22 Farm Servant from Somerset
     DAVIES / DAVIS, Marion (nee Chillcot) 23 - wife of Eli
     DICKENS, Henry 25 Farm Servant from Northampton
  DOWER, Sarah   DOWER, Sarah 26 Domestic Servant from Cornwall
     EASTHER, Alfred 31 Sawyer from Middlesex
     EASTHER, Sarah 35 (wife of Alfred)
     EASTHER, Charles 13
     EASTHER, James 9
     EASTHER, Alfred 7
     EASTHER, Sarah 5
     EASTHER, Caroline inf
  EDWARDS, R and wife,   EDWARDS, Richard 22 Farm Labourer - Devon
     EDWARDS, Catherine 23 (wife of Richard)
     EYET, Jacob 26 Groom from Nth.
     EYET, Fanny 23 (wife of Jacob)
  FLESH, and wife A and nine children,   
     FLETCHER, Henry 28 Groom from Meath, Ire.
     FLETCHER, Catherine 25 (wife of Henry)
     FLETCHER, Jane inf
  FORD, Ann   FORD, Ann 19 Domestic Servant from Dorset
  GAMIN, T   GAMLIN, Thomas John 18 Labourer from Somerset
     GASSON, Michael 25 Farm Labourer from Kent
     GASSON, Susannah 28 (wife of Michael)
     GASSON, William 4
     GASSON, Ann inf
  GOODRICH, G and wife,   GOODRICHE, George 25 Labourer from Wiltshire
     GOODRICHE, Sarah 23 (wife of George)
     GRAVES, William 52 Dockyard worker from Yorkshire
  GRAVES, Ann 52 (Deaths Return-SAGov.Gazette 1866)   GRAVES, Anne 52 died at sea
     GRAVES, Mary A. 23 Dom. Servant
     GRAVES, James 23 Joiner
     GRAVES, Jane 18 Dom. Servant
     GRAVES, Richard 15
     GREEN, Charles 28 from - Yorkshire
     GREEN, Margaret 24 (wife of Charles)
  GREEN, Violet infant (Deaths Return-SAGov.Gazette 1866)   GREEN, Violet inf died at sea
  GREGG, and wife, J   GRIGG, John 22 Miner from Cornwall
     GRIGG, Mary 23 (wife of John)
     HALMAN, Elizabeth 18 Domestic Servant from Dorset
  HARRIS, J and wife and four children,   HARRIS, James 37 Miner from Cornwall
     HARRIS, Mary 33 (wife of James)
     HARRIS, James 13 (son of James)
     HARRIS, Alexander 9 (son of James)
     HARRIS, Elizabeth 7 (daughter of James)
     HARRIS, Richard 4 (son of James)
  HARRIS, S   HARRIS, Samuel 23 Miner from Cornwall
  HARRIS, W H   HARRIS, William Henry - Miner from Cornwall
     HARRIS, William 26 Brickmaker from Derby
  HARVEY, R   HARVEY, Richard 21 Butcher from Dorset
     HART, Thomas 26 Farm Labourer from Kent
     HARWOOD, Martha 22 Domestic Servant from Hampshire
  HILL, S and wife and five children,   HILL, Samuel 36 Mariner from Cornwall
     HILL, Mary 35 (wife of Samuel)
     HILL, George 6
     HILL, Samuel 4
     HILL, Lydia inf
  HOLMAN, Elizabeth   HOOPER, Joseph 22 Miner from Cornwall
  HOOPER, J and wife child,   HOOPER, Mary 18 (wife of Joseph)
     HOOPER, Thomas 1
  JOHNS, John and wife,   JOHNS, John 26 Mason from Cornwall
     JOHNS, Elizabeth 28 (wife of John)
     KITT / HITT, Mary 19 Domestic Servant from Middlesex
  LAFOLLY, Francis and wife child,   LAFFOLY, Francis 35 Carpenter from Jersey
     LAFFOLY, Mary 34 (wife of Francis)
     LAFFOLY, Mary 3
     LAING, Robert 22 Shoemaker from Fife
     LAMBERT, Benjamin 21 Farm Labourer from Sussex
     LAMBERT, Naomi 19 (wife of Benjamin)
  LEE, Mary child,   
  LEE, S   
     MALONY, Harriet 18 Domestic Servant from Hampshire
  MANNING, Emma   MANNING, Emma 18 Domestic Servant from Devon
  MASON, J and wife and eight children,   MASON, James 46 Farmer from Westmeath
     MASON, Elizabeth 39 (wife of James)
     MASON, Mary 18
     MASON, Elizabeth 26
     MASON, Richard 15
     MASON, John 14
     MASON, Thomas 12
     MASON, Samuel 10
     MASON, James 7
     MASON, William 5
  METCALFE, E   METCALFE, Eliza 33 Domestic Servant from Middlesex
  MOAK, W and wife,   MOCK, William 25 Farm Labourer from Devon
     MOCK, Elizabeth 21 (wife of William)
  MOYLE, P and wife,   MOYLE, Paul 29 Miner from Cornwall
     MOYLE, Grace 29 (wife of Paul)
  NATION, G and wife and five children,   NATION, George 43 Mason from Somerset
     NATION, Ann (nee Fouracre) 43 - wife of George
     NATION, William 18
     NATION, John 15
     NATION, Richard 12
     NATION, David 9
     NATION, John 5
  NEWELLS, Rd   NEWT, Richard 24 Farm Labourer from Devon
     NORTON, Jeremiah 28 Miner from Norfolk
     NORTON, Ann M. 24 (wife of Jeremiah)
  NORTON, A.M. 3 (Deaths Return-SAGov.Gazette 1866)   NORTON, Ann M. 3 died at sea
     NORTON, Mary A. 1
     PAGE, Henry 22 Farm Labourer from Sussex
     PARKER, Thomas 20 Fisherman from Lancaster
  PARSS, S W   PARSONS, William 30 Blacksmith from Jersey
     PARSONS, Mary 34 (wife of William)
     PARSONS, William 3
  PARSONS, Sarah 1 (Deaths Return-SAGov.Gazette 1866)   PARSONS, Sarah 1 died at sea
     PASSINGHAM, Alfred 20 Farm Labourer from Hampshire
     PASSINGHAM, John 25 Farm Labourer from Hampshire
  PASSMORE, T and wife child,   PASSMORE, Georgina 29 Domestic Servant from Devon
     PASSMORE, Martha 19 Domestic Servant from Devon
     PASSMORE, Thomas 30 Farm Labourer from Dorset
  PLOWMAN, Sarah, Louisa, and Geo   PLOUGHMAN, Sarah 38 Domestic Servant from Dorset
     PLOUGHMAN, George 16 Farm Labourer
     PLOUGHMAN, Louisa 11
  POCOCK, Mary   POCOCK, Mary 32 Domestic Servant from Middlesex
     PRATT, Edward 19 Farm Labourer from Cambridge
     RAYNER, William 25 Groom from Cambridge
     READ, Mark 19 Miner from Somerset
  REEVES, Rd   REEVES, Richard 30 Butler from Somerset
  REID, Mark   
  RICKARDS, Thos. 20 (Deaths Return-SAGov.Gazette 1866)   RICHARDS, Thomas 20 Farm Labourer from Cornwall - died at sea
     RICHARDSON, Elizabeth 18 Domestic Servant from Middlesex
     RISUGGEN ? Robert 26
     ROBSON, Thomas 25 Draper from Cumberland
  ROADEN, Ann 3 (Deaths Return-SAGov.Gazette 1866)   
  RODER, T   RODDA, Thomas 23 Miner from Cornwall
     RONAN, Michael 28 Farm Labourer from Clare, Ire.
     RONAN, Mary (nee Connors, wife of Michael) 24
     RONAN, Margaret 1
     RONAN, Mary 20 from [Clare]
  ROSSITER, G.   ROSSELER, George 27 Gardener from Somerset
  ROSSITER, J and wife,   ROSSITER, James 29 Shoemaker from Cornwall
     ROSSITER, Phoebe 30 (wife of James)
     ROWLANDS, Daniel 35 Shepherd from Roxburgh
  SAUNDERS, S   SAUNDERS, Samuel 24 Miner from Cornwall
  SAUNDERS, Harriet and Mary   SAUNDERS, Harriet 23 (wife of Samuel)
     SAUNDERS, Mary 1
  SIMS, S and wife and two children,   SIMS, Samuel 29 Farm Labourer from Worcester
     SIMS, Harriet 23
     SIMS, Mary 4
     SIMS, Sarah 2
  SKINNER, J and wife child,   SKINNER, Isaac 27 Miner from Devon
     SKINNER, Selina 30 (wife of Isaac)
     SKINNER, Anne inf
  SMITH, Alfred and wife and two children,   SMITH, Alfred 27 Blacksmith from Leicester
     SMITH, Sarah 31 (wife of Alfred)
     SMITH, Alfred 2 (son of Alfred)
  SMITH, Walter 1 (Deaths Return-SAGov.Gazette 1866)   SMITH, Walter 1 died at sea (son of Alfred)
     SMITH, Edward 24 Shoemaker from Sussex
     SMITH, James 24 Farm Labourer from Sussex
     SMITH, James Alfred 20 Gardener from Kent
  SPICE, J and wife and five children,   SPICE, John 40 Coachman from Kent
     SPICE, Ann 36 (wife of John)
     SPICE, Joseph 12
     SPICE, Mary 11
     SPICE, Elizabeth 10
     SPICE, William 4
     SPICE, Hannah inf
     STANDISH, Margaret 18 Domestic Servant from Middlesex
     SYDNEY, Lee 26 Farm Labourer from Surrey
     SYDNEY, Mary 26 (wife of Lee)
     SYDNEY, Alison 4
  SYDNEY, David infant (Deaths Return-SAGov.Gazette 1866)   SYDNEY, David inf died at sea
     TAYLOR, Henry 28 Gardener from Hampshire
     TAYLOR, Sarah 26 (wife of Henry)
     TAYLOR, Francis 30
  TUCKER, Robert   TUCKER, Robert 23 Carpenter from Devon
     TYRRELL, Reuben 21 Shoemaker from Northampton
     TYRRELL, Susanna 18 (wife of Reuben)
     TYRRELL, Harry inf
  WARREN, R and wife,   WARREN, Richard 28 Carpenter
     WARREN, Charletta [?] 20 - wife of Richard
  WEBB, S and wife and three children,   WEBB, Sampson 26 Miner from Cornwall
     WEBB, Louisa (nee Edmonds) 26 - wife of Sampson
     WEBB, Walter 1
     WEBB, Priscilla inf
  WEEKES, T   WEEKS, Thomas 26 Farm Labourer from Devon
     WHITEHEAD, James 21 Gardener from Middlesex
     WHITTLESEA, William 29 Gardener from Oxford
     WHITTLESEA, Elizabeth 23 (wife of William)
     WILSON, Margaret 22 Domestic Servant from Lanark
  WRIGHT, G and wife and six children,   WRIGHT, George 40 Carpenter from Yorks.
     WRIGHT, Mary 39 (wife of George)
     WRIGHT, George 16
     WRIGHT, John 14
     WRIGHT, Francis 11
     WRIGHT, Jesse 5
     WRIGHT, William 3
     WRIGHT, Harry inf
Francis TAYLOR (30) agriculturist, wrote a diary of this voyage [diary held at NLA - National Library of Australia]