departed London June 1st, 1850, Plymouth June 16th, and arrive at Port Adelaide September 15th, 1850, mastered by John Sargeant.


In addition to the Passenger List for the STEBONHEATH published in the South Australian REGISTER on Saturday Sept 21st, 1850, there were two letters of appreciation to Captain Sargent, Ship STEBONHEATH, Port Adelaide.
First letter..
"We the undersigned, Cuddy passengers per Stebonheath, feel much pleasure in expressing our sincere thanks to Captain John Sargent for his unremittingly kind and courteous attention during our voyage. That we have reached our destination without accident or sickness is, in our opinion, of itself sufficient evidence of the vigilence and care paid by him and his officers to the management of the vessel: at the same time, we cannot do justice to our feelings without this general acknowledgement of our opinions previous to separating." Adelaide, Sept. 16th, 1850
  CABIN PASSENGERS  Ist Letter (obviously the cabin passengers)
  OAKLEY, Dr - cabin   ABBOTT, Clarke
  ABBOTT, Clarke and Matilda - cabin   ABBOTT, Matilda
  BOWLER, Mr James and family - cabin   BOWDLER, Helen for self & 6 children
  BOWLER, Mrs Helen and 6 children (incl. infant born on voyage) - cabin   BOWDLER, James
  CRIPPS, Mr Charles - cabin   CRIPPS, Charles
  CURR, Mr John - cabin   CURR, John
  DALLEY, Mr John - cabin   DALLEY, John
  FOX, Miss Catherine L. - cabin   FOX, Catherine L.
  RUDDLE, Mary Ann - cabin   RUDDLE, Mary Ann
  RUDDLE, Matilda - cabin   RUDDLE, Matilda
  RUDDLE, Emily - cabin   RUDDLE, Emily
  RUDDLE, George and wife - cabin   RUDDLE, George
  SEARS, Thos. W. - cabin   SEARS, Thos. W.
  SEARS, Emily - cabin   SEARS, Emily
  SEARS, Elizabeth - cabin   SEARS, Elizabeth
  SEARS, Jno - cabin   SEARS, Jno
  SEARS, H.E. - cabin   
  SHARELIFFE, Maria (servant to the Bowler family) - cabin   
  SNOW, Mr Richard - cabin   SNOW, Richard

Second letter.. (intermediate passengers, not to be outdone!)
To Captain Zargent
Sir - Having completed our voyage from London to Adelaide, and being desirous before separation, of acknowledging your uniform kindness, attention, and urbanity during the passage, we beg thus jointly to tender you your best thanks, which feeling we would, through you, convey also to your officers.
Expressing our unlimited confidence in your skill as a commander, and our admiration of the rectitude, combined with gentleness, by which you governed as a disciplinarian; and with our sincerest wishes for your future welfare and happiness,
We are, Sir, your obliged servants,
     Signatories on 2nd letter
  ADAMS, George (labourer) and Emma   ADAMS, G.
  BARBER, Robert H  BARBER, R.H.
  BEDFORD, Thomas   BEDFORD, Thomas
  BERRIMAN, Thomas & George   
  BLAKE, George   
  BOXER / BOSER, Richard (farmer) and four sons,   BOSER, Richard
  CLARK, Eliza and Charlotte   
  CLARK, James   CLARKE, James
  COLLINS, William   COLLINS, William
  COOMBS, Robert   COOMBES, R.
  COWARD, Henry (Bap. June7, 1813, "All Saints" Maiden Bradley)  
  COWARD, Mary Comly nee KING (bap.April 27, 1828, Hinton Charterhouse, Somerset, ENG)  COWARD, Henry
  COWARD, daughter Fanny COWARD (Bap. Nov.11, 1849, Hinton Charterhouse, Somerset, ENG)   
  CROOK, James wife Sarah and daughter Mary Ann 2   CROOK, James
  DANIELS, James and wife and ten children,   DANIELS, James & family
  DANNES, Sophia   DANIEL, J.W.
  DAVEY, John   DAVEY, John
  DOUGLASS, Elizabeth   
  FINCHAM, George R  FINCHAM, George R.
  FONYERE, Fanny   
  FONYERE, Louisa   
  FOWLER, Mary   
  FRASER, George   
  GEELAN, Judith   
  GILL, Charlotte   
  GOODLAND, Henry - groom   GOODLAND, Henry
  HACKNEY, Thomas   HACKNEY, Thomas
  HACTON, Henry   H?CTON, Henry
  HARDINGHAM, Harriet and four children,   
  HARPER, John   HARPER, John
  HARRIS, William and wife and five children,   HARRIS, William
  HARRISON, Edward   
  HARVEY, John   
  HAWLEY, Francis   HAWLEY, Francis
  HAWSEN, Alfred E.   HAWSEN, Alfred E.
  HEWANS, Sophia   
  HOOLTON / HINTON, James   HINTON, Thomas
  HURN, William (farmer) and wife,   HURN, William
  HURST, Henry Laughton   HURST, Henry Laughton
  IRELAND, George   IRELAND, George
  KEARSLAND / KEARTLAND, William and wife and two children,   KEARTLAND, W.
  KIDNER, Josiah and wife and three children,   KIDNER, Joseph
  LACEY, Charles and wife and son,   
  LEWIS / LEWIN, William   LEWIS, William
  LEWIS, Edward   LEWIS, Edward
  LICK / LOCKE, Charles   LOCKE, Chaeles (sic),
  LINTON, Thomas   
  MARO, W.O.   MARA, W.O.
  MARTIN, John and wife,   MARTIN, John
  MENITT / MERITT, W. P. James and wife and two children,  MERITT, W.P. James
  MORRIS, Arthur and wife and seven children,   MORRIS, Arthur & family
  MORTIMER, John S. and wife child,   MORTIMER, John S.
  ORCHARD, James   ORCHARD, James
  PRESTON, John ( and wife Margaret Wyke Daniel  
  REYNOLDS, George   REYNOLDS, George
  ROLLS, John Gardner   ROLLS, John Gardner
  SAWYER, John   
  SPROWL / SPROULE, Robert   SPROUTE, Robert
  STEVENS, William   STEVENS, William
  SULLIVAN, Jane   
  SUTTON, William and two daughters,   SUTTON, William
  TAYLOR, Alexander/Alfred   TAYLOR, Alfred
  TUFF, Jame and wife and two children,   TUFF, James
  WALTERS, John Triorder   WALTERS, John Triorder
  WARD, Geo. S.   WARD, Geo. S.
  WARREN, Clement   WARREN, Clement
  WHITE, Luke and wife,   WHITE, Luke
  WITHERS, E. and wife and two children,   WITHERS, E.
  WOOD, W.   WOOD, W.