from London 6 - 11 1849 via Torbay 15/11/1849 with Captain F. Turner, arrived Port Adelaide on 22-02-1850
The SOUTH AUSTRALIAN REGISTER Newspaper reported on February 25th, 1850:

The barque STRATHEDEN, Captain Turner, which arrived in these waters on Friday last, was, it seems, cursed with another "type of the class" known as medical drunkards, who seem to flock to these shores as if to a congenial clime. The individual who has earned for himself a niche in our editorial portrait gallery of mad doctors, flaring-up skippers and debauchee officers, rejoices in the name of Benyon, and appears to have distinguished himself by unusual depravity on ship-board.

The medical chest, with its phials and fittings, were it is true, at the service of the sick, but the unsteady hand and intoxicated brain of the wretched sot who should have administered the physic and medicaments, were unfit to compound the one, or apply the other; and had it not been for the fortunate presence of a passenger doctor, there is no knowing what fatal consequences might have resulted. Under the influence of some singular hallucination, Dr Benyon appears to have supposed that the medical comforts were put on board for his own use. At all events he prescribed them for himself and most scrupulously (or rather unscrupulously) followed the prescription.

For gross obscenity in the cabin whilst under the influence of strong drink, the unworthy doctor of the STRATHEDEN was banished from the cabin by the commander [captain] and he even so far forgot himself as to challenge the chief officer to a pugilistic encounter. But as these repeated instances of Dr Benyon's drunkenness, brawling and dissipation are duly recorded in the ship's log, and will probably become the subject of formal complaint by the captain, we shall not dwell further upon the circumstances, although so odious and so hazardous to the health and lives of nearly two hundred passengers.

The STRATHEDEN (unlike the DOUGLAS) was fortunately under the command of a gentleman and a skillful navigator, and we have no doubt, the most gratifying
and spontaneous tribute of respect to Captain Turner, signed by nearly the whole of his passengers, is as richly deserved as it is handsomely expressed.

Source:  and    South Australian REGISTER Newspapers.