The ASCENDANT    562 tons barque,
from London September 22nd 1850 via Plymouth October 3rd 1850, with Captain Robert Spencer,
arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia on January 15th, 1851

The first ship from England to South Australia with government passengers for 1851.

The South Australian REGISTER Passenger list is shown below the ALPHABETICAL LIST.
The SA State Library
have an interesting diary

written about this voyage
by Mr Archibald Shaw

The South Australian REGISTER reported (January 16, 1851):
The long looked-for ship the ASCENDANT has at length arrived, and we are now enabled to welcome to our shores Mr George Fyfe ANGAS, ESQ.,
one whose name is honourably identified with South Australia from the commencement of its political existence.

    George Fife ANGAS was born on 1 May 1789 at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, (Religion: Baptist)
        He worked as a Merchant, politician and pastrolist, and died aged 90 in 1879 at his residence Lindsay House, Angaston, near Adelaide SA.
    He married Rosetta French in London. Their children were Rosetta French (1813-1898), Sarah Lindsay (1816-1898), Emma (1818-1885),
        George French (1822-1886), John Howard (1823-1904), Mary Ann (1826-1831), and William Henry (1832-1879).

His son John (previously arrived in 1843 on board the MADRAS from London) came to the Port to greet his parents and brother William. That evening Mrs Angus travelled to town with her sons. Mr Angas preferred not to leave the vessel until noon the next day. The colonists intend to demonstrate their high esteem at a reception, in recognition of his early and successful efforts in the formation of the colony, the large stake he ventured in it, and his unremitting exertions on behalf of South Australia from the moment it struggled into existence.

CABIN PASSENGERS: George Fife ANGAS, Esq. (1789-1879), his wife Rosetta nee French (1796-January 11,1867) and their son William Henry (1832 - 1879)
BRAZIL, Henry - Cabin,
COODE / GOODE, Mr - Cabin,
FOX, Mr and six children, - Cabin
FOX, Mrs - Cabin passenger died on voyage,
GAMMON, Mr (Religious Instructor), - Cabin
KAY, Mr - Cabin,
RIDPATH, Edward - Cabin,
ROCK, Dennis (Surgeon-superintendent), - Cabin


The actual passenger list indicates 11 deaths, 3 adults & 8 children during the voyage (date and cause of death not indicated, all buried at sea):
Bridget BARRY - aged 16yr, Thomas BASTIAN / BASLAIN - an infant,William Henry BLIGHT - an infant, Mrs FOX - died on voyage
Ann BOWERING / BROWNING - only 1yr, Ellen LANE - only 1yr,Jane CULLEN - an infant, William GRENFELL - aged 56yr
Ann LAMPIN - aged 1yr, Mary LEONARD - aged 2yr,Ann PEARCE - aged 50yr, Sally TROUGHTON - aged 52yr.

Births on voyage:      Mrs J. Broom - boy, Mrs Bull - boy, Mrs Cole - boy, Mrs Lampria - girl.
Sources: principally The South Australian Register (newspaper)
and a copy of the original shipping list (from the Mortlock Library in South Australia).
THE SHIPLIST website was consulted for comparisons

Cargo of the Ascendant: 12 bales, 2 cases, J Roberts; 12 bales, C Goode; 6 bales, 4 cases, P M Nicol
14 cases, 2 boxes, 12 bags, 381 bars iron, 3 bundles, Major Cambell; 1 box, Maples; 100 tons coals, G S Walters;
1 case, Brunskill; 1 case, Hawkes; 1 case, Flaxman; 3 cases, Garside;
18 firkins, 15 tins, 17 jars, 26 cases, 14 casks, 2 bales, 3 chests, 10 kegs, 6 bundles, 1 roller, 3 trunks, G F Angas.

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