A 3 mast ship, she was built in 1850 in Quebec, and left Liverpool on May 1st, 1851 with Captain G. Mainland.
Though becalmed for very many days on the line, she has made a fine passage, arriving Port Adelaide on 7-08-1851.
The CONSTITUTION spoke the MAZEPPA of Cape Leuin, with her bulwarks gone and her decks swept.

"The passengers with whom we have had the pleasure to converse are not quite positive as to the day when they were understood to have passed
the longitude of the Cape of Good Hope, but their impression is that this latter part of their journey has been performed in about thirty days.

If this is correct, it will afford additional encouragement to the advocates of steam communication in Britian, who we are told are now fully determined,
forthwith, to carry out (by paddle or screw) steam communication with the Australian colonies.
We feel particularly gratification in stating that a pratically-experienced gentleman has arrived on the CONSTITUTION, with a full determination to ascertain the truth
as to the rumoured excellence of the South Australian iron ores. We can only add the expression of our opinion that what he heard in Britian will be more than confirmed
by his personal observations here, and that we hope the acquaintance will be mutually and abundantly beneficial." (gentleman not named)


Deaths: two adults named Matthew Ridgway and George Hall. and three children named Huffer, Hall, and Johnstone (infant).
Births: Mrs Smith of a son, Mrs Cocking of a son and Mrs Johnstone a son.

(passenger list transcribed by Karin Ronis)