arrived at Port Adelaide on the 27th November 1851
with Captain Arthur Hole,
a voyage of 93 days after leaving
London via Plymouth, England on the 25th August 1851.
* A British barque of 595 tons
* Built at New Brunswich, North America in 1846
* Based at Liverpool
* Length 126ft 6in x beam, Breadth 29ft 6in, Depth of hold 19ft 6in
* Captain at 27/8/1851, Captain Arthur Hole

Lloyd's Register of Shipping for 1846/47-1864/65 indicate the owners were Younghusband and Company,
with the Port of Registry being Liverpool and Port of survey being London.
The sailing ship "Hydaspes" is recorded as visiting Port Adelaide previously on August 23rd 1849 and then on October 14th 1850.
An entry in Lloyd's Register for 1864/65 is posted "wrecked".

Notice of Sailing for "Hydaspes" dated 12th December 1851 from the South Australian newspaper, "The Register". Hydaspes.