from Liverpool 12 - 10 1850 with Captain Thomas Taylor, arrived Port Adelaide on 12-01-1851. For Adelaide, Port Phillip and Sydney

A seaman named William Hammond fell from the flying-jibboom off the PETREL during her voyage. The chief-mate courageously sprang overboard after him. Unfortunately Hammond could not swim and sank before assistance could be rendered.
The PETREL spoke the ASCENDANT from London on November 24th, 1850.

TO MR THOMAS TAYLOR, Commander of the ship PETREL
Adelaide January 13th, 1851
Dear Sir, we the cabin passengers on board the ship PETREL, from Liverpool for Adelaide, beg to congratulate you on the safe arrival of the shp and all on board at the latter port, after a voyage of uninterrupted happiness and comfort. Anything we might add to your testimonials can scarcely raise you higher than you are now in the estimation of all who know you, but we cannot let this opportunity pass of expressing our unqualified admiration of the manner in which you commanded the vessel in all its departments, and our sincere gratitude for the unremitting attention and kindness which you have shown to all of us. Often we have heard of the monotony and discomfort of a sea voyage of such length as that which we have had, but for ourselves we can unhesitatingly affirm that to this we are utter strangers, owing to the admirable arangements made by the owners of the vessel, and not less to the kindness of your disposition, your anxious desire to afford us every amusement, and by doing everything in your power to add to our happiness. From what we have experienced we are satisfied that your qualifications for the command of a pasenger ship can scarcely be surpassed, and if any of us have again to undertake a sea voyage, we hope we may be so fortunate as to be under so good a commander.
[signed by all the cabin passengers]
Adelaide, January 13, 1851
We the undersigned passengers on board the ship PETREL, most respectfully congratulate Captain Taylor on the successful result of his unwearied diligence and perseverance as commander of the above ship on her pasage to this port; having completed the voyage in the short space of 92 days.

We have also to express our entire satisfaction with the arrangements made by him for the comfort and convenience of the passengers, and for the regularity with which the provisions were supplied in accordance with the conditions stipulated for at Liverpool.

In bidding him adieu, we hope his diligence and attention will be rewarded with a continuance of success and prosperity.
[signed by many of the passengers - as noted below]

Another voyage by the PETREL during 1851.
She left Port Lincoln with Captain Mills, arrived Adelaide April 28th, 1851
with Passengers John SHAUGHNESSY and Mr SINCLAIR.