from London 8 - 11 1850 - Captain Wm. Jago, via Plymouth arrived Port Adelaide on 5-03-1851

CABIN PASSENGERS: Mr. Edwin CANN,       Mr. Samuel KENNEDY (surgeon-superintendent)       Mr. and Mrs. ODDY and child - cabin      Rev. Mr. RAYNER, and wife - cabin

  ADAMS, Samuel Symes 31 from Fife Scotland   S. Adams and family,
  ADAMS, Ann (nee Gale) 30 - son born on voyage   
  ADAMS, Charles 9   
  ADAMS, Samuel 6   
  ADAMS, Ellen 3   
  ANDERSON, Andrew 30 from Middlesex died of consumption on March 1st. 1851   A. Anderson and family, (Andrew 30 died on March 1st. 1851)
   of consumption Deaths Return-SAGov.Gazette 1866
  ANDERSON, Martha 30   
  ANDERSON, Mary 4   
  ANDERSON, Elizabeth 2   
  BALLARD, William 22 from Tipperary, Ire.   W. Ballard,
  BROKENSHAW, James 25 from Cornwall   J. Birkenshaw,
  BROWN, Charles 22 from Lincoln   C. Brown,
  BURKE, Jerry 32 from Clare, Ire.   J. Barke and family,
  BURKE, Anne 28   
  BURKE, Patrick 2   
  BURKE, Mary 1   
  CAHILL, Edward 22 from Kings Co., Ire.   E. Cahill,
  CALLAGHAN, Dennis 18 from Tipperary, Ire.   D. Callaghan,
  CAMERON, Donald 20 from Inverness   Donald Cameron and wife,
  CAMERON, Ann (nee Ferguson) 23   
  CARMODY, John 48 from Clare, Ire.   Carmody family not listed in SA REGISTER
  CARMODY, Mrs (listed but did not sail)   
  CARMODY, Ellen 26 Servant Clare, Ire.   
  CARMODY, David 25 from Clare, Ire.   
  CARMODY, Ann 21 from Clare, Ire.   
  CARMODY, John 19 from Clare, Ire.   
  CARMODY, Daniel 14 from Clare, Ire.   
  CARR, Henry 21 from Middlesex   Henry Carr and wife,
  CARR, Susan 19 (wife of Henry)   
  CARR, Robert 31 from Middlesex   Robert Carr and family,
  CARR, Caroline 28 (wife of Robert)   
  CARR, Mary 6   
  CARR, Robert 3   
  CARR, Caroline inf   
  CARR, Mary 39 from Middlesex   Mary Carr,
  CARTHY, Michael 21 from Clare, Ire.   M. Carthy,
  CHAPMAN, John 30 from Derby   J. Chapman and family,
  CHAPMAN, Jane 26 (wife of John)   
  CHAPMAN, Mary 6   
  CHAPMAN, Elizabeth 1   
  CHAPMAN, William 23 from Derby   W. Chapman,
  CHERINGTON, William 30 from Somerset   W. Charrington and wife,
  CHERINGTON, Martha 22   
  CLARKE, John 30 from Cavan, Ire.   J. Clarke and family,
  CLARKE, Honor (nee Farrelly) 27   
  CLARKE, Patrick 10   
  CLARKE, James 6   
  CLARKE, Ann 3   
  CLEARY, Cornelius 45 from Clare, Ire.   C. Cleary and family,
  CLEARY, Ellen 38   
  CLEARY, Mary 21   
  CLEARY, Bridget 20   
  CLEARY, Patrick 19   
  CLEARY, Honora 17   
  CLEARY, John 15   
  CLEARY, Michael 9   
  CLEARY, Cornelius 6   
  COLES, James 38 from Clare, Ire.   J. Coles and family,
  COLES, Ann 34   
  COLES, Harriet 2   
  COLES, James 1   
  DALY, John James 19 from Middlesex   J.J. Daly,
  DUGGAN, Thomas 24 from Wales   T. Duggan and wife,
  DUGGAN, Eliza (25, nee Russell) wife of Thomas   
  DUGGAN, Mary 20 from Clare, Ire.   Mary Duggan,
  FITZGERALD, Cath. 24 from Clare, Ire,   C. and M. Fitzgerald,
  FITZGERALD, Mary 23 from Clare, Ire.   
  FLIN, Mary 26 from Kent   M.A. Flin,
  GALE, George 54 from Wiltshire   G. Gale and family,
  GALE, Lucy (51, nee Carpenter) wife of George 54   
  GALE, Jane 28   
  GALE, George 24 from Wiltshire   G. Gale Jnr. and family,
  GALE, Mary (21, nee Andrews) wife of George 24   
  GALE, Jane inf (daughter of George 24)   
  GALE, Sarah 17   
  GALE, Robert 14   
  GALE, Charles 11   
  GIDLEY, John 52 from Devon   J. Gidley wife and four children,
  GIDLEY, Elizabeth 51   
  GIDLEY, Eliza 26 with parents   
  GIDLEY, Maria 14 with parents   
  GIDLEY, Harriet 13   
  GIDLEY, Edward 11   
  GOW, Patrick 19 from Clare, Ire.   P. Crow,
  GRAY, John 22 from Hunts. Huntingdonshire   J. Gray and wife and child,
  GRAY, Sarah 22   
  GRAY, Emma inf   
  GREEN, John 22 from Oxford   John Green and family,
  GREEN, Elizabeth 23 (wife of John)   
  GREEN, Elizabeth 1   
  GREEN, Judy 27 from Clare, Ire.   Judy and Norah Green,
  GREEN, Norry 22 from Clare, Ire.   
  GRIDHAM, William 34 from Lincoln   W. Goodham,
  GUERIN, John 27 from Clare Ire   J. and Mary Guerin,
  GUERIN, Mary 26   
  HAINES, John 50 from Wiltshire   John Haines and family,
  HAINES, Hester 49   
  HAINES, Robert 19 Farm Labourer with parents   
  HAINES, Thomas 19 with parents   
  HAINES, Jane 16 with parents   
  HAINES, Martha 12   
  HAIRE, Mary 38 from Clare, Ire.   M. Hore and two children,
  HAIRE, James 14 from Clare, Ire.   
  HAIRE, Pat. 8 child, from Clare, Ire.   
  HARBISON, William 22 from Armagh, Ire.   W. Harbison
  HARKEN, Elizabeth 19 from Middlesex   E. Harker,
  HARVEY, William 24 from Clare, Ire.   W. Harvey,
  HAWKINS, Biddy 26 from Clare, Ire.   B. Hawkins,
  HIGGINS, Cath. 21 from Clare, Ire.   C. Higgins,
  HILL, Samuel 40 from Cornwall   S. Hill and wife and seven children,
  HILL, Mary 30   
  HILL, John 19 with parents   
  HILL, Elizabeth 15 with parents   
  HILL, Samuel 14 with parents   
  HILL, Mary 10   
  HILL, Jane 3   
  HILL, Harriet 1   
  HILL, William inf   
  HOLMES, William 21 from Middlesex   W. Holmes,
  HOPSON, Nicholas 27 from Dublin, Ire.   M. Hobson,
  JEFFERSON, Francis 42 from Cumberland   E. Jefferson and family,
  JEFFERSON, Anne 25   
  JEFFERSON, Thomas 13   
  JEFFERSON, Mary 12   
  JEFFERSON, Frances/Francis 7   
  JEFFERY, Johannah 45 from Cornwall   J. Jeffry and two children,
  JEFFERY, Louisa 17 from Cornwall   
  JEFFERY, William Henry 14 from Cornwall   
  JOGUER ?, William 18 from Warwick   W. Joiner,
  JOHN, James 27 from Cornwall   J. James,
  JOHNSON, Daniel 33 from Middlesex   D. Johnson and family,
  JOHNSON, Mary 25   
  JOHNSON, Henry 6   
  JOHNSON, Charles 1   
  JOHNSON, Joseph 69 from Essex   J. Johnson and family,
  JOHNSON, Sarah (66, nee Davey) wife of Joseph   
  JOHNSON, Samuel 39 from Essex   S. Johnson and family,
  JOHNSON, Hannah 33 (wife of Samuel)   
  JOHNSON, Daniel 1   
  JOHNSON, Jeremiah 26 from Essex   
  JOHNSON, Eliza (21, nee Barker) wife of Jeremiah   
  JOHNSON, Alfred 1   
  JOHNSON, Francis 23 from Essex with parents   F. Johnson,
  JOHNSTONE, John 29 from Tyrone, Ire.   J. Johnstone,
  JOPE, John 31 from Cornwall   J. Jope and wife,
  JOPE, Matilda 23   
  LANG, Elizabeth 26 from Middlesex   E.S. Lang,
  LEEK, Elizabeth 16 from Wales   E. Leek
  LINDSAY, Enos 24 from Lincoln   E. Lindsay and family,
  LINDSAY, Martha 27   
  LINDSAY, M. inf   
  LIVINGSTON, Duncan 41 from Argyle   D. Livingstone and family,
  LIVINGSTON, Christina 25   
  LIVINGSTON, Bell 21   
  LIVINGSTON, Malcolm 17   
  LIVINGSTON, Duncan 14 H   
  LIVINGSTON, Dugold/Dugald 12   
  LIVINGSTON, Ann 4   
  LIVINGSTON, Archibald 1   
  LOCK, Rhoda 35 from Devon   Rhoda Lock,
  LOM, Elizabeth 30 Matron & Schoolmistress Middlesex   Elizabeth Lom not listed in SA REGISTER
  LOUTIT, Andrew (listed but did not sail - died Scotland 1849)   A. Loutit and family
  LOUTIT, Margaret (nee Flett) 41 from Orkney Scotland   
  LOUTIT, Andrew 20   
  LOUTIT, Mary 14   
  LOUTIT, Robert 12   
  LOUTIT, William 6   
  LOUTIT, Margaret 3   
  LOUTIT, James 1   
  LYNCH, Cath. 42 from Cavan, Ire.   C. Lynch and four children,
  LYNCH, Michael 26   
  LYNCH, John 18   
  LYNCH, Cath. 15   
  LYNCH, Susannah 13   
  MAKEHAM, Henry 21 from Middlesex   H. Wakeham,
  MANSELL, Joseph 30 from Cornwall   J. Mannell and wife,
  MANSELL, Caroline 36   
  MARSH, John 20 from Wiltshire   J. Marsh,
  MASON, John 20 from Cornwall   John Moon,
  MASON, Peter 24 from Cambridge   Peter Mason and family,
  MASON, Anne 20 - son born on voyage   
  MASON, Hubert 1   
  McQUADE, Christopher 19 from Tyrone, Ire.   O. McQuade and wife,
  McQUADE, Lavinia 17   
  MOTHEMAY, Margaret 20 from Middlesex   M. Motheraway,
  MUSKETT, Mary 21 from Clare, Ire.   M.A. Muckett,
  NICHOLLS, John 62 from Cornwall   John Nicholls and family,
  NICHOLLS, James 30 from Cornwall   
  NICOLLS, John 24 from Cornwall   J. Nichols and family,
  NICOLLS, Mary 22 (wife of John 24)   
  O'LOUGHLIN, John 38 from Clare, Ire.   J. O'Loughlin and wife,
  O'LOUGHLIN, Mary 18   
  O'NEIL, John 32 from Wicklow, Ire.   John O'Neill and family,
  O'NEIL, Anne 29   
  O'NEIL, Thomas 3   
  O'NEIL, Patrick 1   
  PITT, John 22 from Cambridge   John Pett and wife,
  PITT, Jane 24   
  POWELL, William 48 from Tyrone, Ire.   W. Powell and child,
  POWELL, Eliza 14 from Tyrone, Ire.   
  PRIOR, James 30 from Derby   J. Prior and wife and child
  PRIOR, Mary 28   
  PRIOR, Jane 6   
  REARDON, Patrick 21 from Tipperary, Ire.   Patrick Reardon and family,
  REARDON, Margaret 19   
  ROF / ROSS, John 22 from Devon   John Ross,
  RUSSELL, William 62 from Wales   W. Russell and three children,
  RUSSELL, Anne (nee Watkins) - listed but did not sail (died Wales 1842)   
  RUSSELL, John 22 with parent   
  RUSSELL, Leah 20 with parent   
  RUSSELL, Emma 15 with parent   
  SLATTERY, James 28 from Tipperary, Ire.   J. Slattery,
  SPARROW, John 33 from Suffolk   J. Sparrow and family,
  SPARROW, Emma 32   
  SPARROW, Sarah 4   
  SPARROW, Emma 1   
  SPARROW, Mary 1   
  SPRINGUN, John 45 from Meath, Ire.   J. Springer and family,
  SPRINGUN, Margaret 42   
  SPRINGUN, Lawrence 22 with parents   
  SPRINGUN, Mathew 15   
  SPRINGUN, Elizabeth 12   
  SPRINGUN, Margaret 8   
  SPRINGUN, John 7   
  STACEY, George 18 from Surrey   G. Stacey,
  THOMPSON, James 18 from Middlesex   J. Thomson,
  THORNHILL, Ellen 18 from Middlesex   E. Thornhill,
  TINK, Richard 25 from Cornwall   R. Jink,
  TREACY, William 25 from Tipperary, Ire.   W. Tracy,
  TULLY, David 28 from Armagh, Ire.   D. Tully,
  VICKERY, Joel 18 from Somerset   J. Vickers,
  WARD, Jean 23 from Orkney Scotland   J. Wards,
  WHAN, Margaret 19 from Derry   S. and M. Whan
  WHAN, Samuel 21 from Derry   
  WILTON, John 29 from Cornwall   J. Wilton,