A list of names for people with unclaimed letters at the Post Office, South Australia.
These lists were published in newspapers all over Australia as well as Government Gazettes because the postmasters had to get mail delivered and as many people were continually on the move, especially so during the gold rush, the postmasters organised in individual towns, to have the lists made available to the public. The letters are no longer waiting around to be claimed!
DECEMBER 21 1838
Allen, John
Arthur, M
Baggott, John
Baker, Mr
Barrett, James
Bell, O.M
Bennett, Samuel
Benyon, Edward
Bolger, J.H
Brooks, H
Brown, Mrs
Brown, William
Browning, George
Bryan, James
Burnett, George
Burt, Thomas
Butt, Jenry
Butters, James
Campbell, John
Carss, Capt J
Chapman, James
Claughton, B.M
Clow, Rev James
Cooper, D
Cox, Mr
Daniel, James
Dawson, Mrs Robert
Day, C
Dolling, Capt G.W
Findlay, David
Fletcher, J.V
Forbes, Charles
Foster, Mr
Friend, G
Gerard, Gerard
Gilbert, Capt J
Gordon, Mr
Hallon, J
Harper, J
Hart, John
Hartness, Morriss
Hink, Mr
Hubbard, J
Hutchinson, Captain
Jackson, Francis
Jacobs, John
Johnson, J.K
Jubb, C
King, H
Lambert, Nimrod
Major, Elizabeth
Makepeace, J
Martin, J
McNish, D
Miller, J
Millikin, J
Mitchell, Captain
Morrise, David
Murphy, J.R
Pearn, W
Pullen, W
Reynolds, W.P
Roberson, Captain
Robertshen, A.D
Robinson, R.M
Rodwell, C.N
Rolls, J
Spawforth, Mrs Joseph
Stone, John
Stuart, J.W
Surleau, Hercules
Suthmere, Samuel
Trimmer, Edmond
Wakeling, Cap
Ward, John
Watson, G.B
West, Stephen
West, Mr
Whatley, Edward
Wheatley, J
Wilkie, Mrs
Williams, C
Williamson, W
Wilmot, R
Witherington, E
Wood, J
Wright, A
H Watts, Postmaster. source: South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register.Dec 22 1838