LLOYDS from London 1838

A wooden 3 mast barque built at Deptford, Kent in 1830 by T. Ward & J.B. Stone,
402/403/406 tons om length - 110' 7" beam - 28' 5" no depth of hold recorded.
She was variously recorded in weight in the Lloyds Registers and in customs information in SA.
Owner Ed GARRETT Registered London

The LLOYDS departed England from the port at Gravesend on 1 August 1838 under Captain Garrett (or Gunett or K B Stone)
and arrived Port Adelaide on 1 December 1838 carrying 181 passengers. It seems that many of the passengers had applied for free passage to the new colony of South Australia. (Register Dec 15, 1838)

Henry Ward

September 22nd, 1838: a Scottish lass (aged 17) fell overboard on whilst drawing water, and drowned.
    That same night the Ship Doctor's brother died, on the voyage, of a brain fever.
October 27th, 1838: a Mrs Thomson had an infant daughter, and Mrs Alderman had a son (which died)

PASSENGERS on the LLOYDS in 1838
  ALDERMAN, William (Farmer, Pastoralist)
    and wife Fanny nee COLEMAN, and children
  ALDERMAN, Chas - Carter, Mason   William ALDERMAN, wife Fanny nee COLEMAN,
    children Charles, Mary, Lucy,
    a son born October 27th, 1838 (which died)
  Alderman, Charles
  ALDERMAN, Charles (Carter, Mason)    Chas      
  ALDERMAN, Mary (and Fanny ?),    Emma      
  ALDERMAN, Lucy,    Fanny      
  ALDERMAN, a son born and died on Oct.27th, 1838    Lucy      
      Wm - Farmer, Pastoralist      
  BAIN Robert      Robert BAIN   
  BELL Charlotte   BELL, Charlotte   Charlotte BELL   
  BELL Thomas James    Thos   Thomas James BELL   
  BOCK, Alfred Bessell
    and wife Sarah nee GREEN, and child
  BOCK, Alfred   Alfred Bessell BOCK,
    wife Sarah nee GREEN, child
  BOWDEN, John Mr 40
    - Dairy Manager, Pastoralists
  BOWDEN, Mrs   BOWDEN, John Mr 40
    Dairy Manager, Pastoralists
  BOWDEN, Mrs Agnes 38 nee Turner      BOWDEN, Mrs Agnes 38 nee Turner   Bowden, Mrs Charles
  BOWDEN, Charles 16 - child      BOWDEN, Charles (Master) 16   
  BOWDEN, William 14 - child      BOWDEN, William 14   
  BOWDEN, James Coumbe 3 - child      BOWDEN, James Coumbe 3   
  BUICK, Mrs Frances A 20 (nee Filmer)      BUICK, Mrs Frances A 20 (nee Filmer)   Buick, Frances A (nee Filmer)
  BULLPITT, William 31 (general dealer)
    and wife Rebecca Sarah 26 nee DEBNEY,
    and 3 children including Rebecca Jane
    wife Rebecca Sarah nee DEBNEY,
    3 children including Rebecca Jane
  BULLPITT, George Alfred   BULPITT, Geo   George Alfred BULLPITT   Bullpitt, George Alfred
  CHRISTIE, Alexander   CHRISTIE, Alexander   Alexander CHRISTIE   
  CHRISTIE, Christian    Christian   Christian(a) CHRISTIE   
  CHRISTIE, Robert    Robert   Robert CHRISTIE,   
         wife Sarah, daughters Mary Sars, Agnes, Sarah
    (probably arrived 1840 on Harvest Home)
  CODD Janet   CODD, Janer   Janet CODD   Codd, Janet
  CONNELL, Alexander
    and wife Nancy Agnes nee LOGAN
  CONNELL, Alexander   Alexander CONNELL,
    wife Nancy Agnes nee LOGAN
  COOMBES, Ephraim and wife, and child   COOMBES, Ephraim   Ephraim COOMBES, wife, child   
  COTTERELL John and wife and 3 children   COTTERELL, Jn   John COTTERELL   
  COX, Gabriel and wife Louisa   COX, Gabriel   Gabriel COX, wife Louisa   
  DEBNEY, Robert
    (Farmer, Brushmaker, Upholsterer),
    and wife Margaretta nee RENNIE
    - Cabinetmaker Timber Mill worker
  George Robert DEBNEY   
  DEBNEY, Margaret(ta)    Hepzibah   Hepzibah DEBNEY   
  DEBNEY, Hepzibah    Margaretta   Margaret(ta) DEBNEY   
  DEBNEY, George Robert
    (Cabinetmaker, Timber Mill worker)
   Margaretta    Robert DEBNEY, wife Margaretta nee RENNIE,   
  DEBNEY, Robert's children Robert and Rebecca    Rebecca    (daughter Rebecca?)   
      Robert - Farmer, Brushmaker      
  EMERY, John 54 (Limeburner, Brickmaker),
    and 2nd wife Elizabeth 29 nee FIELDER,
  EMERY, Benjamin   John EMERY, 2nd wife Elizabeth nee FIELDER,   
  EMERY, Charles, (child of John's 1st wife)    Chas - Limeburner, Brickmaker    Charles - son (1st marriage)   
  EMERY, Isaac Richard (child of John's 2nd wife)    Chas - Limeburner, Brickmaker    Isaac Richard   
  EMERY, James (child of John's 2nd wife)    Chas - Sawyer,   James   
  EMERY, Charles (Limeburner, Brickmaker)    Edwin      
  EMERY, Benjamin James 6 (child of John's 2nd wife)    Jn - Limeburner, Brickmaker   Benjamin James   
  EMERY, Joseph 19 (publican)      Joseph EMERY   
  EMERY, Martha 16    Martha   Martha EMERY   
  EMERY, William Payne 23 and wife    Wm   William Payne EMERY, wife   
  FIELDER John Edward - Market Gardener, Farmer   FIELDER, Jn Market Gardener, Farmer   John Edward FIELDER   
  FILMER, Stephen 45 (Farmer, Butcher, Farrier)
    and wife Frances 42 nee LADD,
  FILMER, Cath - Child      
  FILMER, Eliza 18    Celia - Child      
  FILMER, Emma 16    Eliza   Eliza FILMER   
  FILMER, Thomas Stephen 14 - farmer    Emma   Emma FILMER   
  FILMER, Frances Ann 12 - child    Frances      
  FILMER, John 11 - Farmer, Storekeeper, Builder    Frances - Child      
  FILMER, Catherine 10    Frances      
  FILMER, Stephen 9 - child    James      
  FILMER, Celia 4 - child    Jn - Farmer, Storekeeper, Builder      
  FILMER, Nelson Lloyd - infant    Jn - Child      
      Nelson - Child      
      Stephen - Child      
      Stephen - Farmer, Butcher, Farrier   Stephen FILMER, wife Frances nee LADD,
    children Thomas Stephen, Frances Ann,
    John, Catherine, Stephen, Celia
      Thos - Child      
      Thos - Farmer      Filmer, Thomas
  FINEY, Francis (Labourer, Fisherman)
    and wife Maria nee SLATER
  FINEY, Francis - Labourer, Fisherman
  Catherine / Katherine FINEY   
  FINEY, Edward - child    Edward - Child   Francis FINEY, wife Maria nee SLATER,   
  FINEY, Catherine / Katherine    Catherine   children Jane, Robert, Stephen, Maria   
  FINEY, Jane - child    Jane - Child   John FINEY   
  FINEY, John    Jn      
  FINEY, Maria - child    Maria - Child      
  FINEY, Robert - child    Robert - Child      
  FINEY, Stephen 4 - child    Stephen - Child      
  FINEY, infant son born August 28th 1838 on voyage         
  FINEY, Robert    Robert      
  FINEY, Stephen - publican    Stephen - Publican      
      Kath and Jn      
Francis Finey engaged to become a cook on the voyage at Adelaide, "for all the emigrants at one pany per week for each familay and halfpany from eacch Singel purson".

  GILBERT, Robert and wife Eliza, (daughter born on voyage)   GILBERT, Robert   Robert GILBERT, wife Eliza, (daughter Jane?)   
  GOLDFINCH Mary Ann   GOLDFINCH, Hy   Henry GOLDFINCH, wife, child   
  GOLDFINCH, Henry and wife, and child    Mary   Mary Ann GOLDFINCH   
  GOULBURN Penley (maybe Goulburn PENLEY/PENTLEY)   GOULBURN, Penley   Penley GOULBURN   Goulburn, Penley
  GREEN, William   GREEN, Wm   William GREEN, wife, child   
  GREGORY Margaret   GREGORY, Margaret   Margaret GREGORY   
  GROSER, John and wife Sarah Capon nee RAWLINGS,
    and 3 children
  GROSER, Jn   John GROSER, wife Sarah Capon
    nee RAWLINGS, 3 children
  GROSER Walter    Walter   Walter GROSER   Groser, Walter
  GUNETT, Captain (some records show
    he was Captain on this ship - not a passenger)
  GUNETT, Captain      
  HALLPIKE Frederick Wm and wife   HALLPIKE, Frederick      
  HAUSSEN Frederick Wm   HAUSSEN, Frederick      
  HILLIER, James and wife and (4 ?) children   HILLIER, Eliz - Child   John HILLIER, wife Rebecca nee NAGGS,
    children Elizabeth, James
  Hillier, John
  HILLIER, John (Baker, Labourer, Gardener)
    and wife Rebecca nee NAGGS,
   Jas - Child      Hillier, Rebecca
  HILLIER, Elizabeth 4 (daughter of John)    Jn - Baker, Labourer, Gardener      
  HILLIER, James 2 (son of John)    Rebecca      
  JAFFRAY / JAFFREY, William and wife (Catherine?).
     A son born just before arrival.
  JAFFRAY, Wm   William JAFFRAY / JAFFREY, wife (Catherine?)   
  KELLY, William (farmer)
    and wife Jane Christian nee CALEY,
  KELLY, Jas   James KELLY   Kelly, James
  KELLY James    Jane   William KELLY,
    and wife Jane Christian nee CALEY,
  Kelly, William
  KELLY, (son William?)    Wm - Farmer      
      Wm - Child      
  LAMPARD, Isaac, and wife and 2 children   LAMPARD, Isaac   Isaac LAMPARD, 2 children   
  LUKE Christina   LUKE, Christina      
  MACKLIN, William
    and wife (Hannah nee WATTS?), and child
  MACKLIN, Wm   William MACKLIN,
    wife (Hannah nee WATTS?), child
    and wife (Elizabeth?), and son
    wife (Elizabeth?), child
  McLEAN, Alexander
    and wife (Christina nee McPHAIL?)
  MCLEAN, Alexander   Alexander McLEAN,
    wife (Christina nee McPHAIL?)
  MOORE, Thomas and wife, and child   MOORE, Thos   Thomas MOORE, wife, child   
  NICHOLLS / NICHOLS, Edwin and wife   NICHOLLS, Edwin   Edwin NICHOLLS, wife   
  NOLAN, James and wife   NOLAN, Jas   James NOLAN, wife   
  PARNELL, Henry and wife (Harriett?)   PARNELL, Hy   Henry PARNELL, wife (Harriett?)   
  PENLEY, John/Jonathan? and wife (Deborah?),   PENLEY, Goulburn   John/Jonathan? PENLEY, wife (Deborah?),   
  PENLEY, children Goulburn Denman Broughden,
    3 daughters
   Jn   children Goulburn Denman Broughden,
    3 daughters
  PETERS, Robert and wife   PETERS, Robert   Robert PETERS, wife   
  POLE William   POLE, Wm   William POLE   Pole, William
  RANFORD, Mrs H         Ranford, Mrs H
  SANDERS Isabella         
  SANDERS James         
  SANDERS Robert         
  SLOAN, Patrick and wife, and child   SLOAN, Patrick   Patrick SLOAN, wife, child   
  STEPHENS Matthew, wife (Elizabeth?),
    son (Charles H, Daniel?)
  STEPHENS, Matthew   Matthew STEPHENS, wife, child   
  STOKES, Stanley and wife (Vesta?),
    and child (Charles Lloyd Newenham Forrest?)
  STOKES, Stanley   Stanley STOKES, wife (Vesta?),
    child (Charles Lloyd Newenham Forrest?)
  Stokes, Stanley
  STOKES, Stanley         
  THOMPSON, Theodore Horatio (aged 15 years)
    - son of Mrs Wedd (refer to her notes).
  THOMPSON, Theodore   Theodore (Horatio) THOMPSON   Thompson, Theodore H
  TULLY / TULLEY, William (Bootmaker, Teacher)
    and wife Harriet nee TOBUTT, and 2 children
  TULLY, Wm - Bootmaker, Teacher   William TULL(E)Y, wife Harriet nee TOBUTT,
    2 children
  Tulley, William
  UNDERDOWN, Emanuel (farmer)
    and wife Mary nee SQUIRE,
  UNDERDOWN, Emanuel - Farmer   Emanuel UNDERDOWN, wife Mary nee SQUIRE,
    children John Squire, Maria Angola, Lycurgus
  Underdown, J S
  UNDERDOWN, John Squire (farmer, son of Emanuel)    John - Farmer      
  UNDERDOWN, Lycurgus (son of Emanuel)
    Naturalist, Hotel Manager
   Lycurgus - Naturalist, Hotel Manager      
  UNDERDOWN, Maria Angola (daughter of Emanuel)    Maria Child      
  WAINWRIGHT William (watchmaker) and wife
    and 3 children (one died August 10th,1838 on voyage)
  WAINWRIGHT Laura aged 2      Laura WAINWRIGHT   
  WARD, Henry 30 (Carpenter, Storekeeper)
    and wife Mary
   WARD, Alfred - Child   Henry WARD, wife Mary,
    children Henry, Eliza, Alaric, Alfred, Mary Anne
  Ward, A S
  WARD, Henry (Henry's son)    Eliza - child    Eliza WARD   
  WARD, Eliza 10 (Henry's daughter)    Hy Carpenter, Storekeeper      
  WARD, Alaric 18 (Henry's son)    Alaric - Child      
  WARD, Alfred 6 (Henry's son)    Mary      
  WARD, Mary Anne (Henry's daughter)    Hy      
  WARD A S         
  WARD Eliza         
A Diary of the LLOYDS voyage, written by Henry Ward has been located. This diary reveals he was actually a gardener,
having previously worked in that position at Arundle Castle, before emigrating to South Australia in 1838.
Henry Ward and Francis Finey engaged to become cooks on the voyage at Adelaide,
"for all the emigrants at one pany per week for each familay and halfpany from eacch Singel purson".

  WATERS, Thomas (Alexander?)
    and wife (Eliza Mary nee JARVIS?)
  WATERS, Thomas   Thomas (Alexander?) WATERS, wife (Eliza Mary nee JARVIS?)   
  WEDD, William
  WEDD, Thirza (aged 33 years)
  Her son Theodore Thompson also on voyage
  WEDD, Wm   William WEDD, wife   Wedd, William
  Wedd, Thirza (nee Thompson - aged 33 years)
NOTES: Mr and Mrs William Wedd applied for passage on May 31, 1838. Their application number was 2545 and was signed by Mr George Whiting.
Mrs Wedd's son Theodore Thompson (from a previous marriage?) also applied for passage on June 4, 1838
- Theodore was then aged 15 years and his application number was 2546, which was also signed by Mr Whiting.
  WHISTLE Hepzibah   WHISTLE, Hepzibah   Hepzibah WHISTLE   
  WHISTLE, Robert and wife    Robert   Robert WHISTLE, wife   
  WILKIE David Elliot, Doctor   WILKIE, David   David Elliot WILKIE   
  WILKIE, Robert and wife (Isabella?)    Hon. - Doctor   Robert WILKIE, wife (Isabella?)   
  WOODWARD Leonard   WOODWARD, Leonard   Leonard WOODWARD   
  WOODWARD Susanna    S.   Susanna WOODWARD   
  WYBORN Mary   WYBORN, Mary   Mary WYBORN   
  WYBORN Robert
   Robert   Robert WYBORN   
  WYBORN William snr, and wife,
    and child (William?)
  Wm   William WYBORN snr, child (William?)   
E A D OPIE, South Australian Records prior to 1841, Adelaide, 1917