JOHN from London 1840

departed Gravesend on September 12th, 1839
with Captain Alexander Smith,
arrived Port Adelaide on February 5th, 1840.

Diary 1840 JOHN

by Elizabeth Archer

ATKINSON, Francis and wife (Fanny nee HAIGH?), 3 children
ATKINSON, Richard and wife Clara / (Kate?), children Clara, Richard, Henry
AUSTIN, Charles and wife Jane, children including Mary, John, Charles, Jane
BAILEY / BARLEY, George and wife Mary, sons John, George
BAKER, Elizabeth (servant to Mrs Hearn/Heron) - connection to Thomas Baker family not confirmed
BAKER, Thomas and wife Mary
   (original list says: Baker, Thomas, Mary, Thomas, Jno)
BAKER, Thomas - born c.1810 Devonshire (occ: Limeburner),
BAKER, Sarah (nee KNAPP, daughter of Thomas Knapp) born 1 May 1806 Kenton, Devonshire
BAKER, sons Thomas and Richard aged 4 1/2 and 1 years
BARNDEN James (Henry?), Susan / (Sarah nee HARDING?)
BARNDEN sons Edmund, John, (James?) Henry
BAY / BAYE, Benjamin and wife Sarah / (Mary?), child Maria
BELL, Ann and children Sarah, Frances
BELL, Isaiah
BELL, John
BELL, Joseph
BELL, Moses
BONE, George and wife Sophia / Amy, child
BROWN, Joseph and wife (Sus)anna(h)
BROWN, George
BROWN, Maria
BUDGE, William and wife Anna
BURGESS, Thomas and wife, and child
BUTLER Phillip - Intermediate
DAWBINEY / DAWBERRY, William (Henry?) and wife, son William
DODGSON, John and wife Eliza(beth) nee ARMSTRONG,
DODGSON, children James Armstrong, Janet, Maria(nne),(Ann),
DODGSON, Eliza(beth) died on voyage, and another son
DODGSON Alexander
DREDGE, Peter and wife Sophia, sons Peter, Paul
FARROW, Edward (husband of Emily who died November 7th on voyage),
FARROW, Mrs - died of a brain fever on November 6th - buried at sea
FARROW, Edward's children Luke, Lydia, Amy,
FARROW, Alfred Morley (died November 15th on voyage) - son of Edward
FORT, James and wife (Harriet Mary nee PAYNE?) / Sarah
FOULIS, George and wife Elizabeth nee McKENZIE, children Harriet Logie, George
FOWLES, George and wife Mary, daughter Mary
GIDDINGS, Jacob and wife Henrietta
GRAY, George and wife Mary Ann nee MARR(I)AGE / (Anna)
HAUSSEN, Otto Carl / Charles and wife Maria, children Emma, Henry Hermann
HAUSSEN, Emily Rose
HAUSSEN, Otto Charles
HAYTER, James and wife (Sarah Ann nee PAYNE?) / Jemima
HICONS, Joseph
HILES, George
JACKSON, James and wife (Mary) Ann (nee McLEASH?)
JOHNSTONE, James and wife
JONES, James and wife Frances Fanny nee BETTERIDGE / (Emily)
KEMPLAY / KEMPL(E)Y, Robert William / Wilson and wife Hannah nee LEPINE / (Eliza)
KERR, James (died on November 13th - buried at sea)
KEY, Mary
KEYLAND, Elizabeth
KNAPP, Thomas Alden (occ: Blacksmith) and wife Mary (nee BACK),
   (original list says: Knapp, Thos; Knapp, Sophia; Knapp, John)
KNAPP, Thomas James born 10 March 1822 Kenton, Devonshire
KNAPP, Eliza Alden born c.1816 Kenton, Devonshire
KNAPP, Hester Alden born c.1818 Devonshire
KNAPP, George Henry born 1826 Kenton Devonshire
   Daughter GEORGIANA KNAPP 17 arrived in SA on the "Hartley" in 1837
            (servant to the RANDELL family on the same ship)

LATTA, Thomas and wife Sarah nee GIBSON,
LATTA, children Thomas, Elizabeth, Robert, William
LATTA, Sarah (daughter of Thomas)
LATTA, Mary (daughter of Thomas)
LATTA, John (daughter of Thomas)
LATTA, Jane (daughter of Thomas)
LEITH, Frederick - cabin
LOGAN, George and wife Mary, child
LOMMAN, Henry and wife Martha nee STRONG / (Jane)
LUCKING, Charles
LUCKING, James Holmes
PATTISON / PATTERSON, John and wife Elizabeth / Emma
PENFOLD, William Friend and wife Hannah nee WAGHORNE,
PENFOLD, children Frederick, Sarah, Charles, Fanny
PRICE, Edward and wife Sophia, child Gertrude
SHADWELL, Richard and wife Eliza nee MATTHEWS / (Mary),
SHADWELL, children William, Sarah Ann (died on voyage or soon after), Thomas, Mary, Malcolm
SIMPSON, Henry and wife Annabella
TURNER, William Fuller and wife Millicent Herdman nee LINTON,
TURNER, William's children Eliza, William Herdman, George
WEBB, John and wife Ann nee JONES / Sophia, children Elizabeth, Jane, Eliza
WRIGHT, Thomas and wife Eliza Scott nee BOULTON / (Blanche), children Eliza Philis, Thomas

The EUDORA went on to Swan River, and left there on November 30th 1841, bound for Hobart Town, arriving there on December 13th 1841.
On the day the EUDORA left Swan River a whale boat arrived there,
and reported the loss of the JOHN with Captain Ford of New Bedford (previously visited Adelaide in 1840).
The JOHN foundered 700 miles to the west of Swan River. The crew had embarked in four boats, only one of which were rescued after being ten days at sea.

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