1844: SKIOLD       1844: JOSEPH ALBINO       1844: JOHN PIRIE      1844: SISTERS       1845: PALMYRA
1844: The 'SKIOLD' sailed from Hamburg on April 21st 1844 arriving at Nelson, New Zealand on September 1st, 1844,
with a group of German emigrants who planned to settle there under an arrangement with the New Zealand Company.

      When the Company's plans for settlement fell into disarray and the emigrants were unable to find work,
      many of them, in a state of destitution, decided to leave left New Zealand.

SA REGISTER newspaper: We understand that Captain Simpson, who recently sailed in the JOHN PIRIE
      for NEW ZEALAND is authorised to afford passages to fifty emigrants from New Zealand at 2. a head,
      if he should be applied to by any unemployed persons whose capabilities and character would entitle them
      to such a boon.

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN NEWS - another group of Germans settlers left on the JOHN PIRIE from Auckland, NZ
      and Hobart Town with Captain Simpson, arrived Adelaide Nov 30th 1844 with 26 emigrants of superior description
      (names not listed)
The ship PALMYRA

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1844: The JOSEPH ALBINO from New Zealand with Captain Finnis on July 25th and arrived Hobart Town August 6th 1844.
         The HOBART TOWN COURIER reported upwards of 40 people arrived on board the JOSEPH ALBINO.
         The greatest portion of whom are emigrating from New Zealand to South Australia. Some few will remain in Hobart.
Baleman, Mr - cabin
McCartney, Miss - cabin
Coghill, Mr - cabin
Rich, Mr and Mrs, and family - cabin
  Anderson, Private
  KEMPEL, Mr E and Mrs, and 2 children
  QUINTON, Sergeant and Mrs, and 2 children
  Badden, Mr
  Barr, Mr
  LAUGE, Courade and Mrs, and 5 children
  SIXTERS, Charles
  CLARE, I and son
  MAYER, Davis
  SIXTERS, Frederick
  SPINEHALE, Mr J F and Mrs, and child
  HUTER, I and Mrs
  MOORE, Mr H and Mrs, and child
Whilst the Hobart Town Courier reported that the greatest portion of these passengers
were going on to South Australia, we have not yet discover which ship they arrived on.

      Several English settlers were left at Hobart Town when the JOSEPH ALBINO left there with Captain Finness, on August 31st 1844
       with about 40 German passengers (names not listed in the SA REGISTER newspaper) and arrived in Adelaide on August 27th, 1844.
      These men, women and children - who, being reduced to a state of extreme destitution and distress, were glad to avail themselves
       of the opportunity afforded by Captain Finness,to quit the land of their disappointment, for one which (it is hoped) will be found
       every way adapted to their wants and circumstances. They described the state of the colony (NZ) as wretched in the extreme.
       All who can leave (English as well as German) are leaving. Another batch of Germans was waiting to escape by the next vessel,
      and will probably arrange with Captain Simpson for their passage hither.

      Another group of Germans settlers left Nelson, New Zealand on board the SISTERS with Captain Clark on Nov 20th 1844 ,
      and arrived Hobart Town on December 7th 1844.
      The SISTERS Passengers: Mr G J Chapman, 7 German families, 3 single men (names not listed)
      The people of Hobart Town raised sufficient funds to enable these poor people to go to South Australia.
1845 January 8th - This group of Germans settlers and others joined the PALMYRA at Hobart, Tasmania with Capt. T. Griffiths, bound
             for Adelaide. At this time we have no record of her surgeon. After contrary winds she became becalmed in Bass Strait for 14 days,
      Jan 22nd - Arrived at Port Philip (Melbourne) for water, food
      Jan 30th - Left Port Philip (Melbourne) to resume her passage to Adelaide. She was becalmed in Bass Strait for 14 days.
      Feb 15th - Arrived at Adelaide at last. Some of the Passengers on board the PALMYRA which arrived Adelaide February 15th, 1845

      As with the 'Sisters', we would dearly like to obtain more information about her, and also about the other mostly German passengers
       (apparently 33) who were transhipping from Hobart after having left Nelson for Australia.